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Damion Lee Game-Winner Results in Stephen Curry’s son, Canon Curry, crying Due to Mayhem in Curry Household

Samir Mehdi

Damion Lee Game-Winner Results in Stephen Curry’s son, Canon Curry, crying Due to Mayhem in Curry Household

Stephen Curry hyping up Damion Lee alongside Ayesha Curry for game-winner against the Mavericks leads to Canon waking up 

Stephen Curry spent 4 seasons on the Golden State Warriors alongside Damion Lee from 2018-2022, with them winning a championship together last season. Lee, coincidentally, is Steph’s brother-in-law as he’s married to the 2x MVP’s sister, Sydel. 

So, it would make sense that Steph would get incredibly hyped for him regardless of what team he was on. During this past offseason, Damion, who has proven to be a solid spark-plug off the bench for an offense, become a free agent. He would go on to sign a 1-year deal with the Phoenix Suns. 

The Suns, who have had their own drama during the 2022 offseason with Deandre Ayton’s contract, Jae Crowder wanting out, and Robert Sarver’s sale of the team, desperately needed a win tonight, for morale purposes. 

What better to kick off a season than to snag a win against the team that ousted you from the Playoffs last year.

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Damion Lee’s game-winner gets Stephen Curry’s son to hilariously wake up 

Damion Lee, in the last 3:49 minutes of the game against the Dallas Mavericks tonight, scored 8 points, with 2 crucial threes and one game-winning two-pointer. The latter came after Devin Booker was trapped near half-court and had to give the ball up. 

Lee would then drive right towards the baseline and throw up a fallaway jumper from about 7-8 feet that somehow would manage to in. With no timeouts left, the Mavs pushed the ball up the floor but Luka Doncic would miss the potential game-winner from 26 feet out.

Stephen Curry, who was watching the game from his couch along with Ayesha Curry, couldn’t contain his excitement, yelling at his phone and hyping up his brother-in-law. This hilariously led to his son, Canon Curry, to wake up crying.

At the time of the post, it was past 9:30PM in San Francisco so it’s fair to say that Canon was fast asleep and hearing his father yell at a TV screen was doing much for his nap-time. 

What role will Damion Lee play for the Phoenix Suns? 

Damion Lee has worked his way up to averaging nearly 20 minutes a game during the regular season last year for a squad that won a championship. He averaged 7.4 points on 44% shooting from the field.  

Now, with the Suns, he seems to be assuming a similar role as he played over 19 minutes tonight as well, going 3-5 from beyond the arc. Cameron Payne looks to be the definitive guard off the bench for the PHX though Damion could work his way up to that slot if he continues to produce like he did tonight.

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