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Despite Kyrie Irving and Dejounte Murray Deals Falling Off, Lakers Insider Claims LeBron James is Keen on Staying in LA

Prateek Singh

Despite Kyrie Irving and Dejounte Murray Deals Falling Off, Lakers Insider Claims LeBron James is Keen On Staying in LA

The Lakers are three down, going into Game 4 against the Denver Nuggets at the Arena. With this being the 21st season for LeBron James in the league, there were expectations from fans that he would win another title with the Lakers. However, as of now it seems highly unlikely, and the fans are left wondering if this will be the last time they’d see him in purple and gold. To bring some happiness to those fans, Lakers insider Jovan Buha recently unveiled that the 39-year-old is going to stay in LA.

During a recent appearance on Hoops Tonight, Buha was asked about LeBron’s chances of going elsewhere this offseason. He said, “Everything I’ve heard has been that LeBron wants to remain a Laker and that the Lakers want him to remain a Laker.” Buha said that LeBron wanted to add more depth into the Lakers offense because it’s becoming a burden for him to carry the offensive charge at all times. His desperation is understandable because at this age, he can’t be expected to pull off games all by himself.

Buha said, “He was a big proponent for Kyrie Irving. He was a proponent for Dejounte Murray and Zach LaVine earlier in the season.” He also talked about the power that LeBron holds within the Lakers organization and since they also want to keep him in the future, his ideas are bound to be considered by the franchise. Buha said that with a change in the coaching position and then adding another offensive powerhouse to work alongside LeBron in the next season, the Lakers would pretty much make it official that they want to keep him till the end.

The first change that is bound to happen in the Lakers camp is going to be in the coaching position. For a long time now, fans have been unhappy with the leadership of Darvin Ham and recently even the players have started turning their backs on him as he continues to fail at making better game plans for the team.

Fans want Darvin Ham to leave the Lakers

The anger towards Ham’s poor leadership is no longer under wraps now. Recently, Lakers star Anthony Davis was seen giving him a death stare during a timeout as Ham was calling a play. It wasn’t only AD who showed a lack of interest in anything that the coach had to add during the game because even LeBron seemed uninterested. This resentment from two of the biggest stars on the team was also noticed by fans who were already on board with the plan of firing Ham.

Soon, chants of “Fire Darvin” started echoing inside the arena as the Lakers were inching closer to losing their 11th straight game against the Nuggets and going three down in the first round of playoffs. The LA franchise is on the brink of bringing in a major change within their operation since they have failed to do what a legacy-based franchise like the Lakers expect out of every season. By the looks of it, Darvin Ham is going to be the first target in the process of rebuilding.

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