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“Don’t Let Him Lie to Y’all!”: Close Friends with Neymar, Jimmy Butler Hilariously Calls Out J Balvin for Lying About Their Football Game, Hours After Rooting for Carlos Alcaraz

Advait Jajodia

“Don't Let Him Lie To Y'all!”: Close Friends With Neymar, Jimmy Butler Hilariously Calls Out J Balvin For Lying About Their Football Game Hours After Rooting For Carlos Alcaraz

Since the Miami Heat’s campaign came to a disappointing end last season, Jimmy Butler has been traveling all over the world. Whether it be visiting his good friend Neymar Jr. in Brazil or catching the prestigious Wimbledon tournament in the United Kingdom, Butler surely seems to be making the most of his off-season hiatus. The Miami Heat star recently went to see his friend Carlos Alcaraz play at the US Open. Hours after watching his favorite tennis player clinch a third-round win in New York, Butler went up against Colombian singer J Balvin’s team in a game of football (soccer) and even hilariously called the latter out for lying about the score-line.

Jimmy Butler has made his admiration for Carlos Alcaraz’s wizardry clear for quite some time now. Earlier in the year, the 6ft 7” Forward showered Alcaraz with some high praises. A few months later, the 2023 NBA Finalist made sure to travel 4,426 miles in order to support Carlos for the Wimbledon Quarter Finals clash against Holger Rune.

Jimmy Butler takes on J Balvin on the soccer pitch

Just like the previous Grand Slams, Jimmy Butler has been actively following the US Open. Having already watched a few games live, Butler once again made a visit to the iconic Arthur Ashe Stadium to catch Carlos Alcaraz’s third-round contest against Dan Evans. After witnessing the defending US Open Champion breeze past his opponent (6-2, 6-3, 4-6, 6-3), Jimmy G Buckets revealed in a video uploaded on his Instagram that he was preparing for a football game against J Balvin. Here’s what he said:

“Just left the Carlos match. So we go from one thing to another. Watching my boy do his thing on the tennis court. Now it’s time for me to go do my thing on the football pitch. Yes, I have a football match in about an hour. So, gotta get in my zone.”

As seen in the stories that followed, Jimmy was in the midst of a competitive battle against J Balvin’s team. After the game, the Colombian singer started celebrating, exclaiming “We won!” Meanwhile, Butler made sure that his followers knew that Balvin was lying. As seen in the embed above, Jimmy captioned the story, “Do not let @jbalvin lie to you.” The NBA veteran chased after his singer friend after the game, yelling, “Stop lying, do not lie. He lying on the camera.”

Butler’s bond with Neymar

Despite being two polar opposite personalities, Jimmy Butler and Neymar Jr. are great friends. Having met in 2017 for the first time, their bond has blossomed over the years. Since then, the two stars have visited each other’s games and even hung out a few times.

Earlier this summer, Butler made an extremely long trip to Brazil. Apart from being present at the gender-reveal party for Neymar and his girfriend’s baby, Jimmy was seen spending some quality time with the football sensation. It is extremely heartwarming to see athletes from different parts of the globe share such special relationships.

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