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“Dorian Finney-Smith left staring at the logo beneath Stephen Curry”: Mavs swingman can’t believe Steph made it from the logo in Mavs’ win over Warriors

Amulya Shekhar

"Dorian Finney-Smith left staring at the logo beneath Stephen Curry": Mavs swingman can't believe Steph made it from the logo in Mavs' win over Warriors

Stephen Curry made a trademark 3-pointer from the logo right in the grill of Dorian Finney-Smith. The Mavs forward looked on disbelievingly.

The Warriors and Mavs played out a thriller of a game tonight. The game was within range for both teams through all 4 quarters, and it was decked by some amazing individual performances. Luka Doncic ended up on the winning side with 42 points, 7 rebounds and 11 assists.

But the star of the night was definitely Stephen Curry. The 2-time MVP put on yet another shooting clinic for his second 50-point game of the season. Steph finished with 57 points on 19-of-31 shooting from the field and 11-of-19 from downtown.

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Overall, it was another good offensive night for both teams. The Warriors shot 46-of-86 (53.5%) from the field and 20-of-45 (44.4%) from deep. Doncic’s playmaking and the Mavs’ superior offensive rebounding enabled them to take 10 more shots. They made 21 of their 47 tries from deep (44.7%).

Dorian Finney-Smith left staring at the spot from where Stephen Curry made the logo 3

Steph came out shooting hot right off the bat. The Warriors needed every point they could get from their franchise star, since his teammates gotten off to a rather fruitless start. But they soon caught on with his pace and began making their own shots. Draymond Green was throwing some real dimes.

But it really was the Stephen Curry show all along. Steph scored 46 points through the first 3 quarters, and one of his circus shots was a logo 3-pointer. He was being hounded by Dorian Finney-Smith all along, but being the aimbot that he is, Steph splashed it about as nonchalantly as ever.

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The Mavs forward really had to turn around and look at the spot from where Steph made the shot. It looks surreal even on screen for somebody to splash a shot from that range while being guarded. Being up close and personal with greatness like this must really be on a whole other level.

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