“Draymond Green might not be the greatest, but he might be one of the best winners”: Tom Izzo has some kind words for his former Spartans player amid controversies

Akash Murty
|Published 06/05/2022

Warriors point-forward Draymond Green is one of the biggest impactful players of all time, his presence on a team assures Dub.

There is a difference between valuable and important, and it can be laid out by saying Stephen Curry might be the MVP for the Warriors, but Draymond Green is for sure their most important player.

Everything on the court from offense to defense runs through him since the day Steve Kerr and Co started to build for what they brought us in the 2nd half of the past decade.

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The man certainly wears his emotions on his sleeve and does some absurd things on the court which is beyond understanding for many and makes no sense when you see how some of his antics have even cost the Warriors a Championship.

He might have become this great because he’s surrounded by greatness, but there’s no denying that Warriors wouldn’t be Dubs without him nor will the Splash Brothers be splashing without him. And people might have a divided opinion about it because of Dray’s nature, but legends of the game know it for a fact.

Tom Izzo says Draymond Green is one of the best winners in the game

One of the most decorated college basketball coaches of all time, the head coach at Michigan State University, Tom Izzo, who has been the coach of the Spartans for 27-years recently joined “Damon And Ratto” on 95.7 The Game.

The coach talked about the former Big Ten Player of the Year with his Michigan State Spartans and how he never believed it would be this good in the NBA.

One may say the coach is biased toward his former player, or that it’s understandable for a legendary defensive coach who is well-known for his rebounding and the overall defensive game would most certainly feel that way. But that’s not it.

The man is 100% right in what he believes, Green is a generational player who is the steering wheel of one of the few dynasties in the NBA.

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