Dwyane Wade’s Wife Gabrielle Union Was Once Labeled a ‘liar’ by Heat Star for Recalling Infamous Poster Incident

Nithin Joseph
|Published October 02, 2022

Dwayne Wade is one of the greatest players in NBA history. So, he wasn’t too happy when his wife claimed he has a poster of her on his wall!

In 2003, the Miami Heat drafted perhaps the greatest player in their franchise history. One who is popular not just in South Beach, but across the entire league.

Dwayne Wade is by far one of the greatest players to step onto a basketball court. An electrifying athlete, Wade was fondly referred to as Flash.

With three NBA Championships, a Finals MVP, and multiple All-Star and All-NBA team selections to his name, Flash is most definitely headed to the Hall of Fame.

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He truly has an illustrious career behind him. As such, it comes as no surprise that Wade wasn’t too happy to hear his wife ‘lying’ about him.

Dwayne Wade jokingly calls Gabrielle Union a liar on national television after reports emerged of him owning a poster of hers in college

Dwayne Wade is a superstar who has numerous fans across the world. So, he is no stranger to having fans ask him to sign a couple of posters.

However, if there’s one thing he doesn’t ‘like’, it’s being told he owns a poster of his wife, Gabrielle Union. Especially when he is being accused of having it on his wall at college.

Wade appeared on the Stephen Colbert show, where he addressed the matter. He even jokingly accused Union of being a liar!

The three-time NBA Champion vehemently denied the report. Even going so far as to claim that Gabrielle planted the story!

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