From the FTX Arena to B*ngbr*s Arena?!: Jimmy Butler’s Heat Receives Hilarious Request After $32 Billion Crypto Firm Goes Bankrupt

Tonoy Sengupta
|Published 12/11/2022

The Miami Heat haven’t been doing too hot to start out this season. As of the time of writing, the franchise holds a record of just 5-7, standing at 11th place in the East.

However, the franchise has also been a bit unlucky.

Key contributors in Tyler Herro, Victor Oladipo, and Dewayne Dedmon have been dealing with injuries throughout this stretch. So, in essence, this is just a bad period Miami needs to try and get through.

But, if they were hoping for it to get easier any time soon, they are once again out of luck. But this time, it’s not with regard to the state of the roster this time.

No, this time, it has everything to do with the Arena.

Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

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The Miami Heat cut off their relations with FTX after the bankruptcy controversy

Up until recently, FTX was one of the biggest players within the Cryptocurrency business, with the firm once even worth $32 billion.

But then, the firm, unfortunately, started to lose money due to a multitude of factors. And soon rumors of insolvency were floated across.

While the company tried to deny it at first, soon the reports of them being bought by competitors ‘Binance’ revealed the truth.

And now, as the merger is allegedly being worked out, FTX is losing all kinds of deals, including the naming rights to the Miami Heat’s arena.

But which part of this is funny in any way?

Well, it’s this recent little wrinkle to the whole situation.


A certain a*ult movie creator has offered to buy the rights to the arena’s name

$10 million is a massive amount. FTX definitely knows that, especially because that’s not an amount they can pay anymore.

But, obviously, there are other brands willing to pay that price for the naming rights of the Miami Heat’s arena. And it’s going to leave you in tears of laughter. ‘

Yes, B*ngBr*s has renewed its prior offer of $10 million to Miami Dade county, for the naming rights to the Miami Heat’s arena.

The a*ult film creator has been quite a juggernaut in their field. But apparently, this isn’t quite enough. They want more. And for that, they are willing to grab the Heat’s arena for publicity.

There is a good chance this doesn’t go through, for obvious reasons. However, if it does, it may just turn out to be the greatest moment in the history of the NBA.

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