“It’s Sickening, It’s Something That Gets on my Nerves”: Ayesha Curry Once Hilariously Revealed How Stephen Curry Never Lost Calm

Arjun Julka
|Published November 12, 2022

Regarded as one of the most influential players in NBA history, Stephen Curry ticks all the boxes both on and off the court. The Warriors legend fulfills all the prerequisites of the ideal role model, a perfect son, husband, and father, besides being the baby-faced assassin who revolutionized the game of basketball.

The Currys are amongst NBA’s first families, with each of them having a unique identity. Speaking of Steph being the family man, the former unanimous MVP married childhood sweetheart Ayesha in 2011. The power couple is parents to three beautiful children Riley, Ryan, and Canon.

A great ambassador of the game, it is close to impossible to find any dirt on Steph, something his wife Ayesha would also have a hard time doing. During an episode of the Red Table Talk, the former actress turned cookbook author had some tough questions to answer.

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Tending to fan questions, Ayesha was asked about Steph ever losing his temper, given his perfect image.

Ayesha Curry hilariously reveals if husband, Stephen Curry, ever loses his cool.

One of the most beloved athletes of the current generation, there is nothing Steph can do wrong, both on and off the court. Having seldomly seen him lose his calm on the court, a fan once asked wife Ayesha if the four-time champion had a temper, to which she replied the following.

“It’s sickening, it’s something that gets on my nerves, it really does, he (Steph) does not have a temper. The only time I have seen him have a temper is on the court when he’s got in trouble,” said the Canadian actress.

“He is the nicest, most humble, calm human being, I’ve ever encountered, it’s part of which I love him so much, he needs to be that for me because I have a temper.”

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While Ayesha agreed about Steph having his moments on the court, she hilariously added he never used those words at home. However, what followed had everyone in splits, appearing alongside Ayesha was mother-in-law Sonya Curry who was left red-faced when a clip of hers calling out her son for cursing during the game was played in front of everyone.

Stephen Curry: A generational talent.

The baby-faced assassin behind changing the game, Steph is truly a once-in-a-lifetime attraction. Unanimously regarded as the greatest shooter the game has ever seen, the eight-time All-Star serves as an inspiration for millions who believed the game of hoops was only for the big men.

The 34-year-old’s humble and down-to-earth demeanor only adds to his repertoire of being the ideal role model for society. It won’t be wrong to say that the Warriors guard is in a league of his own.

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