“Gary Payton II is so athletic, I wonder if the mailman came around when I was out of town”: SuperSonics legend Gary Payton makes hilarious comment on his son’s athletic ability ahead of Warriors’ win vs Hawks

Udhav Arora
|Published November 09, 2021

Gary Payton II has been enjoying his personal best season with the Golden State Warriors, but his athletic ability is making his father question things. 

Gary Payton II has been in the NBA for six seasons, but you might not have heard his name enough — or at all — before this season. And understandably so.

Acquired by Golden State Warriors this season, Payton has finally come into the limelight, averaging nearly double of what he has his entire career PPG with 6.3.

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Not only that, the 28-year-old put up back-to-back-to-back double-figure games with 14 against Charlotte Hornets, 17 against New Orlean Pelicans, and then ten against Houston Rockets.

His impressive start to the season has caught the eyes of fans and critics alike, and among the former is his father, Gary Payton, who had a rather interesting comment about his son’s athletic ability.

Gary Payton drops a controversial comment about his married life

Speaking to NBC Sports Bay Area, Gary Payton called his son athletic but questioned where that ability came from.

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Payton separated from his wife back in 2012 after more than a decade of marriage, so these comments could just be a jibe at his ex-wife.

The Seattle SuperSonics legend was never an athletic player, according to his own words, despite being a fantastic defender. In fact, he was nicknamed the “The Glove” for his ability to hold the defence.

Payton II, meanwhile, despite playing in the same position as his father, has been seen dunking on opponents all season. No wonder his father’s curious.

All said and done, the Hall of Fame PG is undoubtedly proud of his son, and more so that he is doing it with a team as big as Golden State.

“I’m so satisfied with it. I knew he could do these things. I knew he could play in the league. He just had to have the right opportunity, and now he does.”

Payton’s comment about his son is especially fascinating given what Payton II said about his own offensive ability a few days back:

“I am not as offensively gifted as my dad, so I get steals on defence, which gets my offence going!”

Whatever be the case, the Warriors can certainly be happy about Payton II’s stint in California as he continues to come in clutch.

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