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“I Can’t Believe We Talking About This IDIOT Kyrie Irving”: Charles Barkley Goes Off on Adam Silver for ‘Dropping the Ball’ in Antisemitic Row

Akash Murty

“I Can't Believe We Talking About This IDIOT Kyrie Irving”: Charles Barkley Goes Off on Adam Silver for ‘Dropping the Ball’ on Nets Star for His AntiSemitic Views

The whole idea of keeping sports safe from any kind of discrimination comes into danger when somebody like Kyrie Irving does something so racist and gets away with it.

The former Cavaliers star has never had any desire to be away from the spotlight when he is on the basketball court or off it.

On the court, he is one of the rarest. The things he could do with a ball can mesmerize people who are not even a fan of the game.

Off the court, he can be so big a headache that you could have two of the NBA’s greatest-ever scorers in your team plus Irving, and still not even win a Conference Finals.

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However, still, neither the Brooklyn Nets organization nor the NBA is yet tired of his antics, but Charles Barkley has had enough of him.

Charles Barkley calls Kyrie Irving an ‘Idiot’ on National Television

Irving follows controversy like morning follows night. His latest anti-Semitic stance has him in the spotlight, not even a year after his stand on not taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

And Chuck for one is livid that the NBA didn’t suspend the Nets guard for his very public view and support of anti-Semitism. Even talking about this man is making the TNT analyst sick to his gut.

The former MVP and a legend of the game went off on NBA commissioner Adam Silver for failing to do something about Irving, who he believes is an ‘idiot’ always stopping him from talking basketball.

That’s the Chuck we were looking for since he got the bag from TNT. You go Chuckster!

How weak does NBA look after failing to suspend Kyrie?

There was no hesitation from either the league or the Nets in stopping him from entering NBA facilities for his vaccination stance because most of the world was behind them in that.

Now either because of his race they are scared of suspending him just because it might make a certain community unhappy, or they think suspending him could be a career ender like Meyers Leonard, and it would be bad for business.

If the latter is the point of concern, it’s a bigger shame because the league has never been as full of superstars, and letting this kind of disgraceful behavior pass just because he is too good a basketball player looks bad for the NBA.

Let’s see if Adam Silver could really gather the courage of doing something about it because the Brooklyn Nets could surely not.

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Akash Murty

Akash Murty


An Electrical and Electronics Engineer by degree, Akash Murty is an NBA Editor at The SportsRush. Previously a Software Engineer, Murty couldn’t keep himself away from sports, and his knack for writing and putting his opinion forward brought him to the TSR. A big Soccer enthusiast, his interest in basketball developed late, as he got access to a hoop for the first time at 17. Following this, he started watching basketball at the 2012 Olympics, which transitioned to NBA, and he became a fan of the game as he watched LeBron James dominate the league. Him being an avid learner of the game and ritually following the league for around a decade, he now writes articles ranging from throwbacks, and live game reports, to gossip. LA Lakers are his favourite basketball team, while Chelsea has his heart in football. He also likes travelling, reading fiction, and sometimes cooking.

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