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“I still own 3-pt records over Steph Curry, made 100 out of 104!”: Gilbert Arenas defends himself in ‘GOAT’ shooter debate against $160 million worth Warrior

Samir Mehdi
|Sun Jul 17 2022

Gilbert Arenas provides stats from shooting sessions of his in the ‘GOAT’ shooter debate against $160 million worth Steph Curry. 

Steph Curry revolutionized the game of basketball with his emergence as one of the NBA’s best players. Not only did he make it mandatory for teams in the league to start spacing out, but he also redefined what it meant to be a point guard. Curry most certainly can pass the rock when he wants to but is just as good of a scorer, if not far better. 

While the Golden State Warriors legend is the one credited with having changed basketball forever, players before him most certainly laid the foundation for his dominance. Strict shooters like Reggie Miller, Steve Kerr, and Peja Stojakovic have been around for a while but pull-up shooting is a whole different ball-game.

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One of the foremost pioneers in pull-up shooting from beyond the arc was none other than Agent Zero himself, Gilbert Arenas. 

Arenas had one of the greatest 3-year primes in recent memory. 2004-07 saw him average 25.5 points, 29.3 points, and 28.4 points, respectively. 

Gilbert Arenas on Steph Curry and his own shooting ability. 

Arenas was one of the most potent 3-level scorers in the NBA in the mid-2000s, setting the foundation for guys like Steph Curry and Damian Lillard to exceed what he achieved. While he may have never shot over 37% from 3 in those three aforementioned years, pull-up shooting was still a new way of scoring in bulk. 

Fast-forward to today and the guys over at Fubo Sports sat down and talked about who the greatest shooter of all time is. Steph Curry is whose name rolls off the tongue with ease when it comes to this but they began to consider Arenas as someone who could go up there. 

While Agent Zero himself conceded that Curry was the ‘GOAT’ shooter, he did propose an interesting angle. He reminded everybody of the fact that he once made 100 threes out of 104 in a shooting drill. In reality this was 95 out of 100 in a shootout for $100,000, which is still incredibly impressive.

In another instance, Gilbert made 73/100 flat-footed shots from beyond with one hand against Deshawn Stevenson in a bet worth $20,000. 

While this is all quite impressive, using stats from a random gym isn’t going to be one that ends in your favor. And if we were using stats from a random gym, then fans should be reminded of the time Curry hit 105 consecutive 3s from the right corner.

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