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“I Wanna View Myself as a DJ Khaled of This Country World”: $60 million Jimmy Butler Announces Country Album

Arjun Julka

"I Wanna View Myself as a DJ Khaled of This Country World": $60 million Jimmy Butler Announces Country Album

A country music fan, Jimmy Butler, reveals releasing an album soon and his aspiration to be the DJ Khaled of the country world. 

Boasting a net worth of $60 million, Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler endorses big names like Aquahydrate, Beats by Dre, and Jordan, even having his brand of coffee called Big Face Coffee, which he founded during the pandemic in the 2020 Orlando Bubble.

Not many know, but Butler is quite a fan of country music. The six-time All-Star who went to Marquette college is when he picked up this hobby, admitting the ability to relate with it. His fondness for country music had him make many friends in the respective industry.

Jimmy Buckets even appeared in Luke Bryan’s music video Light it Up. The 33-year-old has his playlist, which he listens to while practicing in the gym, something he admits his teammates can’t tolerate. Butler’s ultimate jam is Women by Florida George Line, while his favorite country star is Taylor Swift.

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During a recent appearance on a podcast, Butler announced releasing his country Album soon, adding how he’s been working on it.

Jimmy Butler takes his passion for country music to the next level.

In the past, we’ve seen some of the biggest names from the NBA try their hands at rap music, including the likes of LeBron James and Kevin Durant. The two superstars collaborated on the song called It Ain’t Easy. Other players to have tried their stint with this include Dwight Howard and Damian Lillard.

Though rap continues to be the popular choice of players, Butler seems to take the rather unconventional way, debuting with a country album. The Heat forward is nothing short of excited for his upcoming venture, saying the following.

“I’ve been in the lab, we got some hits. I wanna view myself as a DJ Khaled of this country world”.

Via: Reddit

On the professional front, Butler is coming off an impressive playoff performance. Unfortunately, despite being the first seed in the east, the Heat failed to make it past the ECF, losing in Game Seven against the Celtics. Nevertheless, Coach Eric Spoelstra and his crew aim to run back again.

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