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“If Russell Westbrook is not your cup of tea, don’t watch him”: Bradley Beal gives a detailed account of playing with the former MVP in Washington

Arjun Julka
|Fri Mar 25 2022

Wizards guard Bradley Beal reveals his experience of playing with Russell Westbrook, adding it’s frustrating to see the former MVP receive so much slander.

There has been a growing voice against the disrespected meted out to Russell Westbrook off-late. There is no denying that the Lakers point guard is having a disappointing season. However, the criticism reached a new low when Brodie’s wife and children got involved.

The situation reached a point where we forgot who Westbrook was, a former MVP, two-time scoring champion, multiple All-Star, and all-time leader in triple-doubles. The former OKC superstar is mocked regularly on social media, with insults thrown at his last name.

Recently, his former teammate Bradley Beal addressed all the misconceptions surrounding Brodie. Beal was the latest guest on the popular podcast The Draymond Green Show. The Wizards guard stated that Westbrook was an inspiration to him.

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Beal and Draymond seemed to be on the same page while addressing the slander meted out to Westbrook.

Bradley Beal gives a detailed account of his experience of playing with Russell Westbrook.

Despite playing only one season with Brodie, Beal believes he has learned a lot from him. The Wizards guard can’t get enough of Westbrook’s work ethic, adding the latter was willing to go hard every night no matter what and would push him too for the same.

“He (Westbrook) up at 6 in the morning, getting work done on his body, going in late doing the same thing.”

Westbrook’s stint with the Wizards didn’t go as planned despite them figuring out ways to win towards the flag end of the season. Mr. Triple-Double and Beal ended up getting past the play-in tournament but suffered a first-round elimination at the hands of the Sixers.

Post their exit from the playoffs, the Wizards shipped Westbrook to the Lakers. Unfortunately, his journey with the Lakers hasn’t turned out to be as planned. The superstar has failed to deliver, earning him criticism from all ends, some of it crossing the line by all means.

Having been his teammate, Draymond wanted to know Beal’s take on the matter and how unjust was the hate towards him.

“That sh*t pissed me a lot bro, it really frustrated me because, especially being a guy that played with him, now like the disrespect god, actually got to stop bro. We acting like this man is not a first-ballot Hall of Famer. That’s Russ, he’s going to play a 100mph and he’s going to play hard. If that’s not your cup of tea, don’t watch him.”

(5:55 mark onwards)

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It’s sad to see Russ get subjected to such accusations despite his former teammates sharing their experiences of playing with him.


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