“If you reach out for the moon, you’ll come out with a few stars”: Dwyane Wade on trying to model his game after Michael Jordan

Arjun Julka
|Published 19/11/2021

During a recent appearance on the Dan Patrick Show, Dwyane Wade spoke about his idol Michael Jordan. The Heat veteran tried to mirror his Airness both on and off the court.

When we talk about the shooting guards of all-time, D-Wade is up there in the company of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Though Miami is Wade County, the three-time champion has a special place for the city of Chicago in his heart.

Wade was born and raised in Windy City. Thus he grew up watching MJ and the Bulls. While speaking to Dan Patrick, Wade addressed how he tried to model his after Jordan. D-Wade even tried to duplicate MJ’s way of walking.

The former Finals MVP even played a season for the Chicago Bulls after a reported fall-out with Pat Riley. However, Wade would return to the Heat for the final chapter of his career. Flash’s stint with Bulls is similar to Jordan’s with Wizards. Both these chapters are something their fans have excluded from their respective careers.

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Wade explained how he tried to mirror Jordan’s game despite knowing he couldn’t be as great as the latter.

Dwyane Wade talks about his childhood hero Michael Jordan.

If you like basketball and grew up in Chicago, it is impossible not to hear about Michael Jordan. His Airness is one of Chicago’s most prized assets. The 6″6′ guard got the city of Chicago six championships and put them on the global map.

Thus it does not come as a surprise that Chicago native D-Wade grew up idolizing MJ. When asked who did he model his game after, Wade had no surprises.

“Dan, growing up in Chicago, Michael Jordan. I mean, you know he’s the greatest player, my generation, and my time. To be able to watch my favorite player night in and night out. I mean every move he did and everything you know how he said, how he walked, I tried to emulate everything.”

When asked at what point did he realize he cannot have the same game style of play as MJ, Wade said,

“Ummm, I mean, I just kept trying. I say this in my book if you reach out for the moon, you’ll come out with a few stars. And you know If I shoot to be someone on the level of Michael Jordan, then me falling short of that is still pretty high up.”

Though it is next to impossible to model one’s game to MJ, one cannot deny the greatness of Wade. Flash is a former scoring champion, Finals MVP, a three-time champion, and a member of the NBA’s 75th-anniversary team.

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A true student of the game and a supremely talented guard, D-Wade is the best player in the history of the Miami Heat organization.



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