“I’m Not Worried About Money at This Stage of my Life”: Charles Barkley Reveals Exquisite Details of Meeting with Turner Post Signing Potential $200 Million Deal

Arjun Julka
|Published 23/10/2022

NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley explains at length what got him to sign a 10-year contract with TNT that could fetch him close to $200 million.

The recent development around Charles Barkley’s contract with TNT provided a sigh of relief for fans of the award-winning show Inside the NBA. Earlier this year, the former MVP had caused quite a storm with rumors of him holding talks with LIV Golf, who reportedly offered him a fortune.

An avid golfer, Barkley maintained that for him to leave TNT, he’d expect a ridiculous offer numbers-wise. Fortunately, for fans of Inside the NBA, The Chuckster wasn’t made a formal offer. Not wanting to keep Turner in limbo, the 59-year-old signed a massive deal with the network.

A 10-year contract meant Chuck wasn’t going anytime soon, given he had in the past voiced his desire to retire from the show once his two-year contract expired.

“We’re all a big family — Ernie, Kenny and Shaquille are brothers to me — and I wouldn’t still be here if it wasn’t for them and all the amazing people who work on our show,” Barkley told New York Post.

“I’m not gonna lie, though, this is a life-altering deal … and I’m blessed to be able to do live television for a living.”

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During a recent appearance on the Dan Patrick Show, Barkley would at length discuss his new contract with TNT.

Charles Barkley gives an insight into his contract discussion with Turner.

Sending social media abuzz with his recent signing, Barkley would narrate the entire happenings of the event.

“I just want to thank my TNT family, I’ve got a great company I work for, so I’m excited to be back with TNT and looking forward to the future,” said the eleven-time All-Star.

When asked if the LIV Golf negotiations affect his contract with TNT, Barkley answered, “Zero Percent.”

“TNT asked me, we need something from you, would you give us something and I said, ‘what do you want?’ they’re like we need you to stay longer, we can’t lose you, and be it on the NBA.”

Barkley revealed the producers wanted him to stay for at least 3-years and that they were going to bid on the NBA. When asked if he could sign for a couple of more years, the veteran forward said the following.

“Well you guys have been great to me, I’ll stay on a couple of more years, and I mean there’s probably zero chance, I’m gonna stay for the entire 10 years.” 

Speaking about his meeting with Turner, The $60 million worth Barkley said

“I met with Turner personally, I’m not worried about money at this stage of my life. Listen, if I don’t have money by now, I’m a big idiot. I mean, I played 16 years in the NBA, and this is my 22nd year starting the night on Turner.”

Whatever may be the case, this serves as great news for fans of Inside the NBA, given the show would never be the same without him.

Charles Barkley is a laugh riot.

Sir Charles is one of the most entertaining personalities in the history of American sports broadcasting. Every word that the TNT analyst says on-air can constitute promo shots.

The Alabama native has changed the landscape of sports broadcasting with his bold nature. Nevertheless, he’s one of the most endeared celebrities on television.

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