“It’s Cool When They Do It, It’s a Problem When I…”: Bobby Portis Takes It to Twitter, Complains About Draymond Green Not Getting Suspended

Raahib Singh
|Published 12/10/2022

Bucks’ Bobby Portis takes it to Twitter to voice his displeasure about Draymond Green walking away with just a fine

The last week has been the darkest of the Warriors’ time under head coach Steve Kerr. After returning from a successful outing in Japan, the Warriors were stunned when Draymond Green went after Jordan Poole and punched him during practice. However, things took a turn for the worse when TMZ got their hands on the clip and shared it.

This incident led to a lot of people sharing a lot of different opinions. Many questioned whether this meant the end of Draymond’s time with the Warriors. Others expected a hefty punishment and suspension for the same. Before the preseason game against the Lakers, Draymond addressed the media, and shared that he’d take time away from the team. He shared that he’d apologized to Poole and the team, and will be willing to accept the consequences.

Yesterday, Steve Kerr gave an update on the whole situation after the game against the Blazers. Bobby Portis wasn’t too pleased with the same.

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Steve Kerr clears Draymond Green for return, Bobby Portis shows anguish

After the game against the Blazers, Steve Kerr took the podium and addressed the media about the question they’d been asking all day long. What is going on with Draymond Green? Kerr addressed the media and shared that Green is making his way back to practice on Thursday and would play in the practice game on Friday.

Green has been fined for the same, but there will be no suspension. The amount of the fine wasn’t revealed.

This sure would be the topic of a lot of talk shows this morning, However, Bobby Portis didn’t wait for that long to react. He heard the news, and put out this tweet.

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Portis quoted a famous Tik-Tok trend to mark his displeasure. In case you don’t know why Portis reacted this way, here’s why:

Bobby Portis was suspended for 8 games after breaking a teammate’s jaw

In 2017, Bobby Portis was on the Chicago Bulls. It was a regular practice session before the season started. Bobby Portis and Nikola Mirotic were both vying for the starting power forward spot. However, on that day, things got ugly, and the two got into a physical fight.

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Portis sent Mirotic to the hospital with a concussion and two fractures to his upper jaw. Mirotic missed 23 games because of the same. As a result, Bobby was suspended for 8 games and was fined $83,656 for the same.

One can see why Bobby seems Draymond not receiving a suspension is unfair. However, Dray didn’t send Poole to the hospital. Things are not exactly the same here.

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