“Canon is Still Working on His Euro Step!”: Stephen Curry Proudly Discusses His And Ayesha Curry’s Children, Riley, Ryan, and Canon

Raahib Singh
|Published 12/10/2022

Warriors superstar Stephen Curry talked on-air during tonight’s preseason game, discussed his children and his childhood

Stephen Curry is one of the most revered players in the NBA. The 4x NBA Champion has earned the same, thanks to all the hard work and efforts he’s put in over the years. There are several things over his 13-year career so far that can be considered his greatest achievements.

However, Steph believes those all come secondary to his family and his kids. Steph met his wife, Ayesha Curry when they were teenagers. They got together when he was in Davidson, and got married in 2011.

Together, they have three beautiful children, two daughters – Riley and Ryan, and a son – Canon. Riley just turned ten and has been playing volleyball. Ryan and Canon love playing basketball, and we’ve seen videos of Canon playing basketball at home and practicing his euro step.

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Stephen Curry discusses Canon and his children coming to Chase Center

Steph did not play against the Trailblazers tonight. He was rested tonight before the preseason finale on Friday. He joined Kelenna Azubuike and Bob Fitzgerald on-air during the game. There, he was asked about his kids having fun at the games. 

This footage was taken from the preseason game against the Lakers.

Steph talked about how his kids had fun, and how it reminded him of his childhood with Seth and Sydel, back at the Hornets facility.

Curry was then asked about Canon and his euro-step. Steph proudly talked about how he’s been working on his moves, along with the euro-step, but now on an eight-foot hoop. He talked about how Canon has a good golf swing, and a good baseball swing, and since his sister plays volleyball, he will learn that as well.

It’s great to see that Steph is letting Canon figure out what sport he wants to dive into. He will be one heck of an athlete in school, and we can’t wait to see more clips.

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Steph’s childhood with Seth and Sydel

Stephen Curry was born in Akron, Ohio, while his dad, Dell Curry, was playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Dell spent ten years with the Hornets in Charlotte. He then played a season with the Bucks and then the final three seasons with the Raptors.

Steph and Seth grew up in Charlotte, for the major part, and spent tons of time in the arena, either while their dad was working out, or when he was playing.

Just like we saw Riley, Ryan, and Canon have fun at the arena recently, Steph, Seth, and their sister, Sydel, used to do the same as well. Steph grew up around some of the greatest players of the game, and often absorbed a lot from them. That played a big part in Curry growing up to become the player we see today.

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