James Harden was disgusted by his singing skills after Stephen Curry hilariously made him listen to it in 2013

Achyuth Jayagopal
|Published September 21, 2022

James Harden and Stephen Curry are the headliners of a star-studded 2009 NBA draft.

Harden was the #3 overall pick while Steph was the #7 pick by the Thunder and Warriors respectively. Both young guards took the league to school and effectively spearheaded the three-point revolution.

Harden and Steph have both held league MVP status. Their rivalry spanned a series of legendary playoff battles during their time as the top dogs in the Western Conference.

Steph’s Warriors had the better of Harden’s Rockets. But an unfortunate Chris Paul injury aside, the Rockets came the closest to beating the KD version of the Warriors.

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Naturally, their careers have coincided a lot. The two have often found themselves in conversations associated with each other as they developed into superstars.

Both superstars also cemented themselves in the world of sporting fashion with signature shoes of their own. Harden with Adidas and Curry with Under Armour created quite the stir in the world of sneakers.

And of course, Footlocker came calling. The two were the faces of a Footlocker ad in 2013.

How did Harden and Curry combine for Footlocker?

Harden and Curry featured in an ad titled ‘Harden Soul’ for Footlocker. The ad pictures a comically seated James Harden recording music in a studio.

Stephen Curry is pictured interrupting the recording. Harden tells Curry that he is on top of his game and wants to keep things fresh. And lo, Curry plugs ‘Footlocker’ in.

The climax of the ad however is when Curry makes Harden listen to his own music. If that is actually Harden singing, well, safe to say he didn’t lose much of a career in music.

The rivalry hadn’t quite bloomed yet and Steph and Harden share some nice moments of youthful chemistry in the ad. Around 10 years since, Harden begins a season in search of his first ring while Steph aims to repeat and claim his fifth.

Two iconic players of the decade. One heck of an ad.

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