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Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins’ Contract Extension Makes Warriors’ $275 Million Luxury Tax in 2024 Bigger Than Knicks and Grizzlies’ Combined Salaries

Akash Murty

Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins' Contract Extensions Make Warriors’ $275 Million Luxury Tax in 2024 Bigger Than Knicks and Grizzlies’ Combined Salaries

Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins sign muti-year deals with the Warriors taking the team further deep into the luxury tax hole in which they were already in too deep

The Golden State Warriors have given massive contracts to not one but two players not named Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green for the first time since Kevin Durant.

After renewing Jordan Poole for 4-years, $140 million on Saturday, they rewarded their second-best player of the 2021-22 season, Andrew Wiggins with a 4-year $109 million contract with a player option for the fifth year which will round it off to $143 million.

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With that, the Warriors are now, by far, the team with the highest salaries in the NBA. And if you think about the luxury tax they are going to have to pay, it will just blow your head off.

GSW’s luxury tax value in 2024 would be over $275M after Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins’ contract extensions

While Green, who is about to earn around $25 million for the 2022-23 season, was expecting a salary bump, reportedly a max extension, the man whom he punched recently during a practice session got paid massively before him.

Accounting for his 4-year, $99M, Thompson’s 5-year, $189M, and Curry’s massive 4-year, $215M, and the new contracts Warriors will be paying a total of $483 million in salary and luxury tax next season.

More than $275M of that sum will be going to the tax bracket which would be more than what Knicks and Grizzlies players will be making this season. Credits: StatMuse.

Insane! If Draymond doesn’t opt in next year because he didn’t get what he deserves this year, the Warriors might save some bucks but they will need a good playmaker and a big defensive replacement for that one man.

Do these Extensions mean Draymond Green leaving next season?

One man, most unhappy with it all must be Green. Now, whether he gets and accepts the contract he thinks he deserves next year, or the Warriors get to trade him to save themselves some money and look for maybe two players who could do his thing?

We will probably know it next year if things go well, but with the amount they are going to pay in taxes, they might as well throw in some more to resume the services of someone like Green.

Because you would not want to see him in any other team, and definitely not with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. That would be the worst nightmare for everyone in the West.

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But before all of that transpires, thankfully, we will get to witness another wonderful season of tremendous basketball by the Dubs.

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