Just Like Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson Too Fails to Nudge the ‘Michael Jordan’ of Sumo Wrestling

Advait Jajodia
|Published September 29, 2022

After Stephen Curry fails, Klay Thompson too tries his hand at wrestling with GOAT sumo wrestler Hakuho Sho.

The Golden State Warriors have traveled across the globe to Japan as they face the Washington Wizards in two pre-season clashes. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and co. couldn’t be any more excited as they prepare to play in this campaign’s first international game.

Recently, during one practice session, the sumo wrestling GOAT – Hakuho Sho – visited the GSW camp. After Sho exchanged pleasantries with the defending champions, he gave out wrestling tips to the team.

First, the reigning Finals MVP tried his luck to wrestle Hakuho. Now, the 37-year-old is a retired professional with a long list of impressive achievements under his belt. Unsurprisingly, the 185-pound Curry was unable to move the 348-pound Mongolia.

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Later, Klay tried doing the same. And similarly, the second Splash Brother also failed miserably.

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NBA Twitter reacts as Klay Thompson fails to move Hakuho Sho

As soon as the hilarious clip went viral on social media, NBA Twitter blew up with reactions.

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It’s absolutely lovely to see the Warriors embrace the Japanese culture.

Hopefully, we are entertained by an action-packed battle tomorrow.

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