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“Kevin Durant will boost the legacy of Stephen Curry, not his own”: Jalen Rose believes KD’s move to the Golden State Warriors will hurt his legacy

Advait Jajodia
|Thu Jul 21 2022

According to Jalen Rose, Kevin Durant will not boost his legacy if he decides to return back to Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors.

Amid the whole Kyrie Irving situation with Brooklyn Nets, all hell broke loose when it was disclosed that Kevin Durant had demanded a trade from the organization’s front office.

The Brooklyn Nets had yet another disappointing season, where the All-Star duo of Kai and KD couldn’t even go past the first round of the playoffs. And after the conclusion of his 2nd full campaign with the NY-based franchise, The Durantula has had enough.

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Now, there have been several speculations in regards to the team where Kevin will land at. While some say the Suns, the Heat, and the Mavericks are the favorable organizations, there have been talks about the 2-time Finals MVP returning to the Bay Area.

“Kevin Durant is going to get a lot of slander”: Jalen Rose if KD returns to the Golden State Warriors

Several analysts have spoken about the hypothetical situation – KD’s return to GSW. A few weeks back, Shannon Sharpe stated how the forward would have to “praise” Steph for allowing him to come back:

“I will say the things that every NBA player knows for a fact. Kevin Durant would not be a 2-time champion, would not be a 2-time Finals MVP without Steph Curry. Now, he needs to praise Steph Curry for allowing him to come into his house.”

Jalen Rose also spoke about the topic and stated how the move was going to be boosting the legacy of Steph Curry. The former Raptors star answered the question::

“What if KD winds up with Steph Curry back in Golden State, then what?”

Rose: “KD is gonna get a lot of slander, that’s what’s going to happen. The one thing about the Golden State Warriors – it was great to see them win a championship before he arrived, it was awesome to see them win two when he got there. But things changed in this relationship when they won without him. And if he goes back to the Golden State Warriors, everybody is going to look at that as a boost to the legacy of Steph Curry, not to the boost to the legacy of Kevin Durant.”

Within 3 years since The Durantula’s exit, Stephen Curry and co. managed to win yet another championship. If he now returns to the San Francisco-based team, it’ll say a lot about Curry’s greatness, and less about his own.

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