‘Knicks suck and aren’t cool’: Kevin Durant savagely mocks New York Knicks over frequent free agency snubs

Amulya Shekhar
|Published 07/10/2020

There were rumors last year of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant teaming up with the Knicks. They were put to rest when the duo signed with the Brooklyn Nets, and KD explains why.

Despite having one of the most hardcore fan bases in sports, the Knicks have been consistently bad as an NBA team this century.

They’ve only made the playoffs 5 times in 21 tries, and their current playoff drought stands at 7 seasons and running. Despite having the draw of Madison Square Garden, considered the Mecca of basketball, they still find it hard to draw free agents.

Kevin Durant explains why Knicks are no longer a free agent destination

Appearing on the Michael Kay show last year, KD had shown minimal concern about the Knicks. In addition to lambasting much-maligned owner James Dolan, he explained why he did not sign with them.

In his statement he took a massive dig at the franchise, by mockingly explaining why free agents like himself and Kyrie Irving snubbed the Nets last season.

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His full statement about his decision not to sign with them is as follows:

“Fans expect players to join the Knicks because of their brand but players have grown up watching the Knicks suck and they aren’t cool anymore.”

The Knicks made major moves to secure cap space to sign two max players in the 2018-19 season. They dealt Kristaps Porzingis away to the Mavs, and they kept their options open by not signing any big men in seasons before that.

However, nobody from the loaded free agent class of 2019, which included Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard, gave them even an interview.

While Durant and Irving signed with the Nets, Kawhi went back to his hometown Los Angeles with the Clippers. It will take a while for them to be relevant again in the playoff picture.

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