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“LeBron James, You Deserve All the Flowers!”: Savannah James, Bronny, Bryce, and Zhuri Congratulate Lakers Star on Making NBA History

Raahib Singh

“LeBron James, You Deserve All the Flowers!”: Savannah James, Bronny, Bryce, and Zhuri Congratulate Lakers Star on Making NBA History

The NBA witnessed history tonight. At 38 years of age, LeBron James took down a record that’s nine months older than he is. In April 1984, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar made a skyhook to take over Wilt Chamberlain as NBA’s All-Time Scoring Leader. Since then, no one had even come close to ‘The Cap’ till The King arrived to the party.

With a fadeaway jumper, 10 seconds left in the 3rd quarter, LeBron crossed Kareem’s mark of 38,387 points tonight.

It was a huge moment as Bron took down an almost 39-year-old record with royalty in attendance. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar passed the torch to Bron in a very Captain fashion.

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LeBron James gets love from his Family after etching NBA History

The James family was all in attendance tonight, with LeBron James on the verge of history.

With 36 points needed to become the All-Time Scoring Leader, Bron showed up with a pass-first mindset. However, with 20 points in the first half, and 16 in the third, it only took Bron 26 minutes to get to 36 points.

After the 3rd quarter Buzzer sounder, the Lakers played a loving message from Savannah, Bronny, Bryce, and Zhuri for Bron. Savannah talked about how the Scoring Record was never LeBron’s goal and Bronny talked about his father’s sacrifices.

Watching the King get showered with love from his wife and kids at such an important moment in his career was a very emotional moment for everyone.

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Will LeBron be able to play with his sons in the NBA?

LeBron James has always talked about how playing with Bronny is one of his goals. With Bronny eligible for the 2024 NBA Draft, Bron would be able to play with his eldest child, provided Father Time doesn’t catch up.

On the other hand, Bryce is still a few years away from the eligibility age. As of the current rules, Bryce would be eligible in 2026, which means Bron would be in his 24th season. That would be a little bit too stretched, but considering how good the King looks, one may never know.

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