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“LeBron James is dodging Joel Embiid!”: Skip Bayless blasts the Lakers superstar for not playing against Philadelphia 76ers

Indu Dasari
|Thu Mar 24 2022

Skip Bayless questions LeBron James for sitting out against MVP front-runner Joel Embiid as Lakers struggle to retain their position in the west.

After resting their dynamic duo against Miami Heat on Tuesday, the Sixers were at full force tonight. The Lakers on the other hand were short-handed with LeBron James sidelined. However, the game was not a blowout win as most people would expect it to be.

Even without their MVP, the Lakers were alive till the final few minutes and the credit goes to Dwight Howard. He’s had a handful of double-digit scoring games this season but last night he scored 24 points. It’s remarkable considering the fact that it was his first 20-point game in two seasons.

Ultimately Philly came on top and beat the Lakers by 5. With his 30-point explosion, Joel Embiid is a step closer to winning the scoring title over LeBron James this season.

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Skip Bayless insinuates that LeBron James faked an injury

Lakers’ leading scorer LeBron James did not play against the Sixers tonight. He was experiencing knee soreness prior to the game and decided to sit out. Given Lakers’ record, his absence cannot be directly correlated to the loss. But it was a dog fight till the end and there’s a slight chance that LeBron could’ve made a difference.

However, this is not the first time King James has dodged them. In January when AD was still in the lineup LeBron suffered an injury. He missed five games as a result and the blowout loss to Philly was one of them. The knee has been bothering him ever since.


His dedicated hater Skip Bayless seems to think that LeBron is intentionally avoiding the Sixers. He can’t seem to decide whether it’s Embiid’s defense of Thybulle’s that the 4x MVP is scared of.

Bayless effortlessly blamed the Lakers star for a loss he wasn’t even a part of. But this is not new. Skip averages over 7 LeBron tweets on nights he is playing and over 3 on nights he isn’t. James has dominated the league for two decades and the Fox Sports analyst built his career on defaming this legend.

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