“LeBron James shut up and dribbled so that Space Jam 2 could be viewed in China”: Clay Travis makes outrageous accusations about Lakers star

Amulya Shekhar
|Published March 09, 2021

Fox Sports radio host Clay Travis, a notorious LeBron James detractor, is at it again. Travis accused James of ‘toeing Xi Jinping’s line’ for profits.

LeBron James has recently been in the news for some comments by Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who believes athletes should leave politics to the ‘specialists’. James clapped back, saying that he always does his homework, and that he’ll continue to speak up for his brothers.

This interaction, however, opened a window for all his haters to reflect on his comments in the past. James drew a ton of flak for chastizing Daryl Morey about a tweet regarding the Hong Kong movement in 2019.

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That incident is used as ‘proof’ of James’s double standards by all of his detractors. They’re now coming out of the woods again, now that James has something political to say again.

Clay Travis on LeBron James, Space Jam 2

Clay Travis joined Will Cain on the latter’s new morning show with Fox. When the matter of China declaring homosexuality as a psychological disorder came up, Travis didn’t hold back. He used this as a heaven-sent opportunity to bring LeBron into the conversation:

“Being woke in America is making people money. This is not just a failure on the NBA, but on everyone who cashes a paycheck covering the NBA.”

“No one points out to LeBron when he gets up on his platform and says he will always use his platform to speak out on injustices that he won’t comment on China committing genocide against its citizens just so Space Jam 2 can open in Chinese theaters.”

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While James may definitely have messed up in the Hong Kong matter, he remains a strong African-American voice that members of his community look up to. James’s efforts to quell voter suppression are only worthy of praise.

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