“LeBron James thinks the NBA is out to get him, the face of the league?”: Skip Bayless irrationally goes off on the Lakers star for his cryptic tweet

Akash Murty
|Published 02/12/2021

LeBron James, the most followed NBA star in all social media, tweeted something cryptic yesterday, and Skip Bayless had to respond.

The Lakers star LeBron James has been sidelined due to health and safety protocols. The team did not reveal a positive COVID-19 diagnosis publicly.

But the Los Angeles Times reported that players enter these protocols after testing positive or having an inconclusive test.

James is supposed to be missing several games going forward as he’ll be out at least 10 days or until he gets two negative tests for COVID-19.

After missing the Lakers’ thrashing of the Sacramento Kings 117-92, the 4-time MVP put this cryptic tweet out.

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Since then Twitter users are going on with their speculations about what’s the meaning behind King James’ tweet. Even Skip Bayless joined them.

Skip Bayless thinks LeBron James is suspecting the NBA about the COVID test

James’ biggest hater, Fox Sports analyst Skip Bayless went on his typical absolute rant against him on Twitter. He started counting all of what he believes LeBron has done this season other than playing basketball.

It might or might not be related to him testing positive but Skip looks pretty sure it is. There are chances that his tweet is related to the Major League Baseball club, Boston Red Sox. LeBron has his stakes in the FSG group who are the owners of the MLB club.

Wednesday morning, MLB collective bargaining agreement expired. It could plunge the Red Sox and every other team into what most experts believe will be a lockout.

James’ tweet came out just around the time of that drama building up. And now the MLB is officially locked out. There’s an official letter on MLB’s website from the commissioner of the MLB confirming the same.

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LeBron James’ ever-expanding world and where he is involved is well beyond Skip’s one-dimensional hatred towards him. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that he thinks LeBron doubts his COVID-19 test or the NBA.

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