Cover Image for “Luka Doncic-70, Stephen Curry-68!” 6’7″ Mavericks man has shockingly scored more three-pointers than GOAT shooter in their first 20 playoff games

“Luka Doncic-70, Stephen Curry-68!” 6’7″ Mavericks man has shockingly scored more three-pointers than GOAT shooter in their first 20 playoff games

Arun Sharma
|Mon Jul 25 2022

Luka Doncic has more 3-pointers than Steph Curry after 20 playoff games but on lesser efficiency.

Luka Doncic has made 70 3-pointers in the 20 playoff games he’s played, 2 more than the best shooter of all time, Stephen Curry. The Slovenian has had an upward slope in the 3 playoffs he’s played so far, reaching the finals this year. He must be raring to go win a title because on an individual level he’s not put a foot wrong.

Multiple highlight reels, amazing playoff performances, and record-breaking runs – are the highlight of his career so far. He’s on track to be the MVP of the league one day, and challenge for titles. Doncic has become a household name in such a short span because he plays like a vet. The time he spent in Madrid is paying off, because there has been a seamless introduction to the pace of the league.

But will Luka break Steph’s record of most 3-pointers ever made? Not a chance. The marksman started slow but then decimated records once he stopped getting injured. Luka has a long way to go if he is gunning for personal records – his playstyle needs to change if he wants a 3-point title. But that is not what he built for – he plays like LeBron James and moves like Kyle Anderson.

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Luka Doncic should be winning titles soon – he’s already achieved superstardom just 3 years into the league

Getting some superstar help to Luka Doncic would do the city of Dallas a whole world of good. This era of basketball has a minimum of two superstar tandems running the offense. Dallas may have made a mistake moving Jalen Brunson away. Luka has for a while been a one-man army, and that drawback was exposed in the playoffs just gone by.

Teams like the Golden State Warriors exposed the Mavericks pretty quickly when they held back Doncic on plays, and it is apparent that Mark Cuban needs to make deals happen. The state of Texas needs a championship, not just three legacy Basketball teams that used to be good. The Spurs are rebuilding, and the Houston Rockets are terrible, so it is up to the Mavericks to do something special.

The roster right now does not look anywhere close to replicating their conference finals run this year. Sure, they have Christian Wood and Javale McGee, but that’s not enough. Stopping the perennials powerhouses like GSW or the new kids on the block, the Phoenix Suns is a challenge. If Cuban wants to bring back a championship to his office, he needs to look at adding one more strong person in the dressing room.

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