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“Luka Doncic’s Tech rescinded for no cursing!? I’ll finally win some appeals”: Draymond Green is optimistic about his Technical Foul troubles in future

Akash Murty

"Luka Doncic's Tech rescinded for no cursing!? I’ll finally win some appeals": Draymond Green is optimistic about his Technical Foul troubles in future

Draymond Green comes off pretty happy about NBA deciding to rescind their suspension on Luka Doncic for the controversial Technical call.

In the light of Luka Doncic missing the Dallas Mavericks’ season Finale against the San Antonio Spurs, the NBA rescinded a technical foul assessed to the Slovenian during Friday’s game.

The man was quite sour about the call, “If you ask me, I think 100 percent it should be rescinded because it wasn’t a tech at all,” Doncic said Friday night to ESPN. “No warning, no nothing. I just asked him, ‘How is that not a call?’ Hopefully, it will be [rescinded], so I can play Sunday.”

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The 3x All-Star would have little to no idea that his wish would really come true and that his unfair T, which he believes most of his Techs to be, will be rescinded.

And nobody could be happier than Draymond Green, not even Luka, maybe. He himself has 14 technicals at the moment, just 2 short of a suspension. So this is actually good news for the Warriors point-forward.

Draymond Green Tweets out his happiness in seeing NBA rescinding Luka Doncic’s suspension

Green received one of the costliest suspensions in the history of basketball, quite arguably leading to his Warriors losing the 2016 Championship because of him missing Game 5 for cumulative flagrant fouls he had. And so, the man is happy that Doncic wouldn’t go through the same, although the stakes are comparatively low.

Having said that, the Warriors will face the consequence of Luka Magic playing the game against Spurs on Sunday. As the Dubs themselves are playing Gregg Popovic’s team a night before, fighting with the Mavs for 3rd spot in the West.

Dallas has a head-to-head advantage over Golden State and will finish above them if they have a tied record at the end. How will Doncic’s rescinded T make a difference in which teams they play in the first round of the Playoffs? We will see soon enough.

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Akash Murty

Akash Murty


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