“Mark Jackson Activated Stephen Curry and Saved the NBA!”: Kenny Smith and Draymond Green Discussed Former Warriors’ Head Coach

Raahib Singh
|Published 27/01/2023

The Golden State Warriors have been the most successful team of the last decade. In the last eight years, the Warriors have won four NBA Championships. After the Warriors parted ways with Mark Jackson, they hired Steve Kerr as the Head Coach, and he brought a bottle of luck. In his first season as HC, Kerr led the Dubs to their first championship in 40 years.

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson became the NBA’s greatest backcourt shooting duo, affectionately known as the Splash Brothers. Draymond Green showed his leadership and defense, and became a small-five. The Warriors’ small-ball lineup became deadly, and the entire NBA tried to replicate the same.

However, all the credit doesn’t go to Kerr and the players alone. Former HC Mark Jackson deserves it as well, and Draymond Green and Kenny Smith discussed the same.

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Kenny Smith calls it a ‘travesty’ that Mark Jackson isn’t coaching

Ever since the Warriors parted ways with Mark Jackson, he hasn’t gotten a coaching job. It could be because of what the Warriors said or the allegations of intense religious rhetoric and homophobia.

Either way, Kenny Smith, while he was on the Draymond Green Show, talked about Jackson. He talked about how Jackson activated Stephen Curry, changed the way basketball is played, and in turn, saved the league.

Jackson was also crucial in giving Klay confidence to shoot and getting Draymond into the starting lineup.

Mark Jackson was with the Warriors for three seasons, during which time, he led the Warriors to back-to-back playoffs for the first time in two decades. He also helped the Warriors win 50 or more games for the first time since the 1993-94 season.

As a coach, he was good, but due to the allegations levied against him, and the contract issues, the team decided to part ways with him and his staff.

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Would Stephen Curry be the same without Jackson?

Before Mark Jackson got there, Steph was not considered as a viable 4th quarter option. He was a liability on defense, and hence, bad for the 4th quarter. He was also on the verge of being traded. However, Jackson changed things, inserted Steph in the lineup, adn helped him find confidence in the team and the system.

If Jackson didn’t give Curry the confidence to let it fly, we may have never witnessed the greatest shooter in basketball history perform his magic every night.

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