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“Michael Jordan gave me an opportunity to shine”: Bubba Wallace thanks the Bulls legend ahead of the GOAT’s Wheaties debut anniversary

Amulya Shekhar
|Tue Dec 14 2021

Bubba Wallace thanked Michael Jordan for setting him, an African-American, up on 23XI Racing. MJ is the first black owner of a NASCAR team.

NASCAR has been America’s premier motorsports passion for many, many years now. The sport has been the model for a lot of other such similar circuit races.

Michael Jordan has always had a keen interest in motorsports himself. In fact, the Bulls legend bought a motorcycle racing team as one of his first purchases following his final retirement.

That particular venture fell by the wayside before long, but the draw of the circuit rained supreme in His Airness’ mind. He had been watching NASCAR races since his own childhood, and he now had the means to make real moves.

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Cue 2020, and Michael Jordan reentered the world of motorsports by investing in a NASCAR team. This decision was by no means a surprise for those who knew and loved him.

Bubba Wallace thanks Michael Jordan for setting up Nascar team 23XI Racing

Bubba Wallace was on the Richard Petty Motorsports team in the previous season before this opportunity came calling. One simply does not say no to Michael Jordan, and Bubba certainly wasn’t going to. He did know about the GOAT’s burning motorsports passion, after all.

Speaking to People’s Magazine ahead of the anniversary of MJ’s first Wheaties box, Wallace praised his team owner to the ends of the earth:

“M.J. stepping up in a way that he did for me has been — you know, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to thank him enough. Just this opportunity this year and moving forward. He gave me an opportunity to shine and put my best foot forward.”

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Michael Jordan will be hoping that his legacy in motorsports and NASCAR racing is also something to remember. For someone addicted to the feeling of being in a race, winning would be a heavenly feeling.

23XI Racing took the first step in that direction when Bubba Wallace won them their first race this October. The win marked the first by a Black driver in NASCAR since 1963!

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