“Nikola Jokic will be earning $350/second if he signs that supermax!”: How Nuggets MVP can make an average American’s annual wage in less than 4 minutes

Achyuth Jayagopal
|Published May 27, 2022

Heading into the 2022-23 season, reigning MVP Nikola Jokic is eligible to sign a supermax extension with the Denver Nuggets.

Reports from leading sources point at Nikola Jokic getting closer to signing the supermax as expected, with the Nuggets.

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The deal if signed would make Jokic the highest-paid player in the NBA. Drafted 41st, this marks one of the best draft-day decisions a franchise has ever made. The low-risk pick from Serbia has proven to be the centerpiece of a solid organization.

A poster boy for the popularity of the league internationally, Nikola Jokic is entering his prime and still has a lot to offer. Barring injuries, Big Honey should be a mainstay in the league for years to come.

Just how lucrative is a $260 million deal?

It is natural for a normal man to struggle with the magnitude of just how much $260m is. A Reddit user using the handle u/90thMinute took to Reddit to explain it in simple terms. The numbers are staggering and sure to blow one’s mind.

According to the post, Nikola Jokic shall earn approximately $35o dollars EVERY SECOND! This goes to suggest ‘The Joker’ shall make as much as the average gross annual wage of a full-time employee in the United States of America in about 3 minutes and 18 seconds.

The calculation is based on the assumption that Jokic plays 34 minutes per game on an average. It, however, does not account for prospective injuries.

In an even crazier calculation, it was found that the 2x MVP shall earn the average Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of his native Serbia in approximately 22 seconds!

The numbers are absolutely mind-boggling and put into perspective how much elite athletes make at the peak of their powers. With other sources of income coming in too, one can only imagine how much Jokic’s true income is.

Jokic, of humble origins in Serbia, has definitely outdone all financial expectations he himself must have had, coming into the NBA. The Nuggets shall hope that a rejuvenated Jokic with the returns of Murray and Porter can vault them into contention.

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