“PJ Tucker turned $36,000 to $100,000 by buying some Nike Air Mags!”: Heat star’s iconic ‘Back to the Future’ sneaker has to be one of the rarest ever

Arun Sharma
|Published May 29, 2022

PJ Tucker only deals in the rarest of the rare – When it comes to the Air Mags by Nike, it ticks all the boxes he wants.

When you think of the movie Back to the Future you think of 3 things – DeLorean, the Pink Hoverboard, and the super cool Nike Air Mags. There have been two times that Nike has ever released them – once in 2011, and once in 2016. The 2011 release was limited to 1510 pairs, while the 2016 release was way tighter – only 89 pairs ever made it to the market.

This is where PJ Tucker comes in. This man only plays in the rare shoe market – no general releases for him (unless they are a white on white AF1). For sure his ears perked up when the number 89 was mentioned because he knew he had to get a pair. Even back in 2016, when the market was just about to take off, he paid a ludicrous 36000 dollars for them.

But it was for a noble cause because all that money was then donated to charity. It was an effort by Nike and Michael J. Fox to raise awareness for Parkinson’s, and the shoe was released for people who could not lace their shoes because of a lack of motor skills. The sports manufacturer has then since launched a few more affordable pairs of shoes, like the Nike Flyease for example.

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PJ Tucker has a shoe collection that requires a 3 bedroom house to store them all – the Nike Mags ought to be in there

The Miami Heat man spends the same amount of money on sneakers as some small islands spend on grain. His obsession with shoes is borderline OCD, with him buying shoes even in his sleep. This is a man who on Sneaker Shopping with Complex bought shoes from the Warehouse computer, not from the shelves because he had them all.

Michael Jordan and Nike did not know what they were unleashing upon the world when they decided to be partners in a century defining partnership. What was thought to be just a marketing tool for their sports shoes turned out to be a global phenomenon – PJ Tucker at the head of the pack.

Sure his access to money and players comes in handy, but that does not mean he does not spend an enormous time researching the pairs he wants. He is a size 14/15 – not many pairs would be made in those sizes. To even find a few that fit him is amazing – let alone a growing collection of 5000+ rare shoes.

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