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Draymond Green rocked these banned Jordans against MJ’s alma mater despite his head coach’s pleas

Arun Sharma

Draymond Green rocked these banned Jordans against MJ's alma mater despite his head coach's pleas

Who would have thought Draymond Green was a sneakerhead based on his sneaker game now? He is a huge buff.

Draymond Green is a rough and tough defender – the complete opposite of what a Jordan Brand player would look like. Yet, because he was just like any other kid who idolized Michael Jordan when he grew up, he wanted to wear the Jordans like everybody else. Green also went to the length of wearing 23 on his back, just like MJ.

On Sneaker Shopping with Complex, Draymond spoke about his extreme love for Jordans. When he was in Michigan State representing the Spartans, an opportunity presented itself that he could not turn down. 2011 saw The Spartans wear a grey Camo Jersey, which matched perfectly with the Cool Grey 11a that was released during just the Christmas gone by.

But the kit-man and the coach were adamant and did not approve of his choices. They had a set dress code, which included sneakers. DG was super sneaky because he hatched a nefarious plan. Just like his tactics on the court now, he decided to bait and switch his coaches. Just before the tipoff, he ran into the locker room, switched out his shoes, and played the game in his pair.

He got his ear chewed off right after the game, but it was worth it. His photo with the pair still exists on his Wikipedia page, so it is immortalized.

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 Draymond Green wants the bag now – maybe he wants to reignite his passion for sneaker collection like P.J. Tucker

Draymond Green at the age of 34 is asking for a 160 million extension. Considering how selfless the Warriors team has been on the court, this is one selfish ask. He knows the team needs to rebuild, given how aged the squad is, but everyone is entitled to a large payday. Draymond knows this is his last big contract ever, so he wants to get as much as he can.

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But truthfully, the market isn’t there for him. He is a player with a very specific set of skills, that only the Warriors can utilize to the fullest. In any other team, he would be less than average, given how poor his stat sheet looks. What he brings to the Warriors organization is a quality that would be wasted elsewhere.

Whether he gets what he wants at San Fransico, or he moves to another team, Draymond will look to take his sneaker collection with him. And probably grow it too, given how even the young ones in the league now have their ways of getting their hands on coveted sneakers.

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