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“Sell Orlando Magic to somebody who’s gonna take it to the next level”: Shaquille O’Neal wants to buy the $1.5 billion franchise and bring it to the top

Akash Murty

“Sell Orlando Magic to somebody who’s gonna take it to the next level”: Shaquille O’Neal and Dennis Scott want to buy the franchise and bring it at the top again

Shaquille O’Neal wants Orlando Magic to be of some relevance again, and so has some ideas to discuss with the ownership.

Orlando Magic might not have been much relevant in the NBA for the last 10 years making it to the playoffs just twice in that period, but in their 33 years of existence, the franchise made it to 16-postseasons and had a few terrific runs at the championship.

In three straight seasons to end the 2000s led by Dwight Howard and a couple more times in the 90s led by Penny Hardaway and Shaquille O’Neal they were strong contenders and made it to NBA Finals (1995 and 2009) twice.

Shaq is the unprecedented GOAT in the franchise history and wants them back in the picture. And the Big Diesel is out there with some business advice to the DeVos family and the RDV Sports Group.

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Shaquille O’Neal wants to buy DeVos family-owned Orlando Magic

The 4x NBA champ has some ideas which he could implement once he gets the ownership or at least a part of it. The Big Aristotle talked about it with his former teammate Dennis Scott on his podcast recently.

Although he is a multi-millionaire himself and has an impressive portfolio of businesses, real estate, and investments, O’Neal is no match for the late Richard DeVos or his family in the business world.

One of their businesses that goes by the popular name “Amway” gets in more revenue than the entire NBA that has 30 teams under it. So, it’s tough for Shaq to convince them to sell a stake to him.

But if they want their Basketball franchise to flourish, they should give the man an opportunity to get involved otherwise landing the likes of Paulo Banchero, Jalen Suggs, Mo Bamba while being one of the worst franchises in the league will have no positive end result.

They didn’t make much out of drafting Domantas Sabonis, Aaron Gordon, and Victor Oladipo before them, so it’ll be tragic to see them again repeat the history. Shaq believes his team could prevent it, Magic should feel obliged to give the franchise legend what he wants.

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Akash Murty

Akash Murty


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