Cover Image for Sixers’ 7-foot star Joel Embiid said his conditioning was at 69% in an interview and left everyone including Ben Simmons in splits

Sixers’ 7-foot star Joel Embiid said his conditioning was at 69% in an interview and left everyone including Ben Simmons in splits

Akash Murty
|Thu Aug 11 2022

Joel Embiid and Giannis Antetokounmpo not only are two of the best players in the NBA but also arguably the funniest current players in the league.

Both the Sixers star and Bucks star make it a point to mess around their teammates and media all the time.

Giannis puts in all his effort and works on those typical dad jokes, while Joel is a much more naturally witty person who could be a future Shaquille O’Neal or Charles Barkley for a giant sports network if he wishes to do so in the future.

And the 2022 scoring champ knows he is as lethal with his jokes as he is on the hardwood. That is why his Twitter handle says ‘Joel “Troel” Embiid’ if you notice.

Back in 2017, after putting up a monster game against the Lakers dropping 46 points, 15 rebounds, 7 assists, and 7 blocks, Embiid wasn’t tired at all. The 7’0 big man tried playing some double-meaning game in the post-game presser when he got a question on his conditioning.

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Joel Embiid told his conditioning was at 69% in a post-game interview and then trolled Jalen Rose by correcting it to 81%

As it was a mid-November game, so, Philly reporters wanted to know about his conditioning, which would play a major role for the rest of the season. After getting help from Simmons to understand the question and advice as well from the Aussie guard to answer in percentage, Joel answered 69% and left everyone in splits.

Why Ben wanted to leave after that hilarious back and forth is hard to understand, like everything else he has done since then has been. But there was another man who found it rather unprofessional of the Sixers’ main man.

In ESPN’s Jalen & Jacoby show, former NBA star Jalen Rose called the 76ers center “unprofessional” for that joke.

Asked for his updated health level on SportsCenter, Embiid said he’s around 81 per cent while saying “Shout out, Jalen Rose.” And surely that number had a hidden meaning as well.

Rose was the player mostly guarding Kobe Bryant when The Black Mamba scored his career-high 81 points against the Toronto Raptors in 2006. Giannis might make us laugh, but he or nobody in the NBA can troll someone as great as this man. Never change, Joel-Troel-Embiid!

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