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“Skip Bayless is misunderstood, people love him”: Former colleague Joy Taylor spills the beans on working with the controversial sports analyst

Arjun Julka
|Tue Aug 03 2021

Joy Taylor, while appearing as a guest on All The Smoke, shared her experience of working with controversial sports analyst, Skip Bayless.

There is no doubt that Bayless is one of the most controversial sports personalities in the history of USA sports. The Undisputed analyst has polarizing opinions that have ruffle some feathers with various sports fans across the globe.

Bayless is primarily known for his hot takes and harsh criticism on LeBron James ever since his high school days. The former ESPN analyst is known to be a LeBron hater. Bayless has been vocal about how King James doesn’t qualify for the GOAT debate on various occasions.

Lately, the analyst has been very critical of upcoming Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic. Bayless has often been seen shutting down any comparisons of the Slovenian superstar with Larry Bird.

As LeBron enters the final leg of his career, Bayless seems to have found a new primary target in Luka Doncic.

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Recently, while appearing on the popular podcast All The Smoke, Joy Taylor, who has worked with Bayless in the past, was seen talking about the misconceptions surrounding the Undisputed analyst.

Joy Taylor gets candid about the misconceptions surrounding Skip Bayless

Taylor, who has worked with the sports analyst for almost 2-years, was seen clearing the air about Bayless while appearing on the popular podcast All The Smoke.

Taylor said, “Skip is great. I don’t even know how to describe what Skip’s done for me in my career. A lot of people think Skip is very hard and mean. He’s a passionate person, so I think he’s misunderstood.”

“Don’t get it twisted people love Skip. They love Skip, and Skip loves the people,” she said. “And Skip is going to stand there after every show, shake everybody’s hand, take a picture with whoever is there, talk to them for as long as they want to talk to him,” said Taylor.

Taylor narrated a story about how Skip and his wife invited her over to their home for Christmas, “We had to work Christmas day for the first two years of Undisputed, which for me is hard. I have a big family. It’s hard for me to be out here in LA, everybody’s on the east coast, so I can’t go see them.” said Taylor

“He and his wife had me at their house for Christmas. They’re amazing people, and he’s been incredible to me,” concluded Taylor.

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There is no denying that Bayless does enjoy a following among certain sections of the sports fans. However, there is still a segment that feels he’s biased.

Nevertheless, his co-workers have always been appreciative of him. Whether it is Taylor or co-panelist Shannon Sharpe, who has on multiple occasions credited Bayless for his television career.



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