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“Spencer Dinwiddie didn’t want to go to Harvard?!”: Wizards stars recalls why he rejected the prestigious Ivy League college for Colorado Boulder

Indu Dasari
|Thu Dec 23 2021

Spencer Dinwiddie really put the ‘student’ in the student-athlete in high school. He reveals why Colorado was more appealing to him than Harvard at the time.

The Washington Wizards point guard Spencer Dinwiddie has had a slow start to the season post-rehab. Prior to that, he was averaging a career-high in points and assists with the Brooklyn Nets.

He was part of the 5-team trade that sent Russell Westbrook to LA and Dinwiddie and several others to Washington. The 28-year old missed all of the 2020-21 season as he suffered a partial ACL tear in December 2020. Washington Wizards had one hell of a start to the season, briefly occupying the #1 seed.

However, they have slipped down to 6th position in the eastern conference. Spencer Dinwiddie is clearly rusty, shooting just over 37% from the field. Recently he appeared on the Knuckleheads podcast, where he discussed his college options and what went behind the decision-making process.

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Spencer Dinwiddie felt he wouldn’t fit into a place like Harvard

Many students dream about getting into an Ivy League college, especially Harvard. However, for an athlete, it is not always the right fit according to Spencer Dinwiddie. He was always clear about going pro and Colorado Boulder made much more sense from that perspective.

If he did choose to go Harvard though, he would’ve been just the second NBA player from there in the last 6 decades. Clearly, he had the brains to be in an institute like Harvard where academic excellence is paramount. But he rejected the admit and went to the University of Colorado instead.

On the podcast, he recounted everything that went into the decision-making process. “So with the Colorado and Harvard situation, that was really when my parents were like you got to make a grown man decision period. Most of my family wanted Harvard of course. But I wanted to play basketball so I chose Colorado like that’s really how that whole thing happened.”

“Honestly I never really fit into places like Harvard,” added Dinwiddie. “I mean I would have gone, it was cool but I didn’t really fit in all these other demographics. I just wanted to play basketball. It’s not a bad place and I don’t ever really want to piss nobody off, but at the same time if it does rub you the wrong way yeah I’m sorry.”

The Washington Wizards guard even revealed how he almost went to Oregon because of the flash and party culture. But his father blatantly refused to send him there, and that’s why it came down to Colorado and Harvard.

In all fairness, choosing Colorado Uni was the best decision for him as he ultimately achieved his goal and made it to the NBA.

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