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Sports Illustrated should be ashamed for why $2.2 billion Michael Jordan cut off ties with them

Tonoy Sengupta

Sports Illustrated should be ashamed for why $2.2 billion Michael Jordan cut off ties with them

A look back at Michael Jordan’s relationship with Sports Illustrated as LeBron James and his family become cover stars

LeBron James is already 37 years old. He’ll turn 38 during this upcoming NBA season.

Most other players at that kind of age, no matter how great they once were, would barely be getting by, probably playing a solid 10-15 minutes per game. But the King? Apparently averaging over 25 points per game is still nothing more than a walk in the park.

More good news for the James family, it seems that sons Bronny and Bryce are taking right after their father, making some massive waves in the basketball world themselves. And all of this culminated in a very special Sports Illustrated cover for them.


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Speaking of Sports Illustrated though, what about their relationship with a certain other NBA superstar? What about their relationship with Michael Jordan?

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Michael Jordan’s relationship with Sports Illustrated went through irreparable damage after a certain infamous cover

During his initial stint in the NBA, the now $2.2 billion worth Michael Jordan had quite a nice relationship with Sports Illustrated.

He did plenty of interviews with them, was in touch with some of the writers, and overall, had some serious respect for the organization.

However, something happened after his first retirement from the NBA.

You see, after his switch to baseball, MJ hit upon his first real bad patch. During this time, a writer for SI, Steve Wulf had this to say on a piece he wrote.

“Michael Jordan has no more business patrolling right field in Comiskey Park than Minnie Minoso has bringing the ball upcourt for the Chicago Bulls.”

Sure, that’s harsh, but nothing to break bonds over, right?

But the worst has yet to come.

Take a look at the picture in the tweet below.

That’s bad.

The worst part is, you have actual MLB personnel who watched Michael in action and had this to say.

Ignorant, Unfair, and outright disrespectful.

That’s the only way to describe that Sports Illustrated cover.

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