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“Star in the Old Fashioned Sense”: Rachel Nichols Agrees with Anthony Edwards’ Take on Michael Jordan Comparisons

Jay Mahesh Lokegaonkar

“Star in the Old Fashioned Sense”: Rachel Nichols Agrees on Anthony Edwards’ Take on Michael Jordan Comparisons

Anthony Edwards’ dominant stint in the 2024 postseason has further aggravated his comparisons with Michael Jordan. Edwards has vehemently denied ‘the next MJ’ tag, claiming that the Chicago Bulls icon is the greatest player in NBA history and he cannot be compared to him. Definitely not at this point in his career.

The young guard is aware of the pressure accompanying that label and isn’t keen on taking it on. Fox Sports analyst Rachel Nichols backed Edwards’ claim that he cannot be the ‘next MJ’ in the modern NBA. She explained that the league is too talented now for a player to dominate like MJ dominated the league in the 90s.

Therefore, Nichols seconded Ant’s take that he cannot have a career like MJ. But she added that the Timberwolves guard will be among the faces of the league for years to come. During her appearance on Colin Cowherd’s show, she said,

“[The NBA] is a different, deeper league. When you look at the number of guys coming from other countries, winning MVPs… You are getting just a deeper pool of talent to compete with. It’s not the league where MJ won six, not the league where even Kobe won five. I don’t think anyone can have that career again. But we are seeing a guy that looked like Michael Jordan in his early years, that is undeniable…. He’s a star in the old-fashioned sense.”

Nichols’ take about the NBA being a more global and competitive league is spot on. The last three MVPs are from three different countries and no team has repeated as Champions since the Warriors did in 2018. Edwards is not only competing with his compatriots, but he’s also battling against international superstars like Luka Doncic and Victor Wembanyama to be called the face of the league.

All Edwards can do is continue dominating on the court and lead the Timberwolves in the same manner that he has in the playoffs this season. Once the accolades come through, he’d automatically shed the ‘next MJ’ tag and become his own man.

Anthony Edwards outlines one advantage he has over Michael Jordan

Despite shunning the Michael Jordan comparisons, Anthony Edwards has never backed down from comparing his ability to the Bulls icon. In an interview with Mallika Edwards earlier this week, the Timberwolves guard reiterated that he wants the world to know him by his name rather than as the ‘next MJ’.

Edwards also highlighted the one skill advantage he has over the six-time NBA champion,

“The first Anthony Edwards. Not the next Michael Jordan. I want people to be like, this Anthony Edwards kid, he got his own style like, he maybe got a mix of Michael Jordan in him, but you know, I got a little, I got a trey ball. My trey ball. I can shoot the three so that makes me a little different from Michael Jordan.”

The Timberwolves guard shoots 36% from beyond the arc on 6.7 attempts per game, while Jordan retired with a 33% conversion rate despite averaging only 1.7 three-point attempts per game. While that disparity can be attributed to the difference in the prevalent basketball philosophy between the 1990s and present times, Edwards’ claim that he’s the better three-point shooter cannot be disproved.

The Timberwolves guard also has the utmost faith in his ability. In an interview with Complex Magazine, he was asked if Jordan could guard him in today’s NBA. He responded with, “Hell nah. No.”

While he acknowledges Jordan’s accomplishments and his status as the GOAT, Edwards seemingly believes he’s a more skilled player than the Bulls icon was.

Post Edited By:Satagni Sikder

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