“Steph Curry checked my numbers so he’s the one chasing me!”: Bradley Beal goes off on Kent Bazemore for his insensitive comment on Wizards star’s hamstring injury

Samir Mehdi
|Published May 11, 2021

Bradley Beal detonates on Kent Bazemore for saying he’s the one chasing Steph Curry for the scoring title; calls him a “straight lame”. 

The scoring title for this 2020-21 NBA season will most certainly come down to the wire when the regular season is done and dusted. The race at the moment is between Steph Curry, who’s averaging 31.9 points per game, and Bradley Beal, who’s behind by merely 0.5 points at 31.4 points per game. 

Both superstar guards are in a similar situation in terms of standings and the team surrounding them as they have been forced to carry their squad on their backs to help them remain competitive. Bradley Beal however, has received help in the form of the new triple double king, Russell Westbrook.

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With championship hopes being as slim as ever for both the Warriors and the Wizards, seems as though the next best thing for their two All-Stars is to claim this season’s scoring title. Steph Curry had even admitted to checking Bradley Beal’s box score on the night he scored 50 so as to see how much he needed to surpass him in the race. 

Kent Bazemore goes after Bradley Beal on Twitter, to which the latter responds in a flurry of tweets. 

In a losing effort against the Indiana Pacers, the same game Beal dropped 50, the star guard strained his hamstring and has effectively ruled out for two games, including last’s night 1-point loss against the Hawks. On the same night as Brad’s 50, Steph Curry scored 49 points in a blowout win over the Thunder, in merely 29 minutes. 

Kent Bazemore commended Curry’s performance by listing out his near 50-bomb and the time it took for him to get it, and then called out Bradley Beal for trying too hard to keep up by saying, “We got guys hurting hamstrings to keep up.” 

Beal didn’t take too lightly of this as after asking his fans on whether he should “go off” or not, he ultimately decided to call out Bazemore in a flurry of tweets. 

“You don’t know me or sh-t about me! You don’t know why I go out there and play and it damn sure isn’t for another man’s approval. It’s funny you say that because your man admittedly checked my numbers before the game, but I’m chasing?!”

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Bradley Beal’s wife also chimed in on the matter, hilariously roasting a probable box score of Bazemore’s that is lackluster at best. 

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It’s safe to say that the race to see who bags this year’s scoring title will be a drama-filled one at the very least. However, with Beal missing two straight games, Steph Curry might edge him out on this one. 

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