Cover Image for “Stephen Curry owns a mouthpiece with a price tag of $75,000!”: When the Warriors star paid hefty fines for his iconic mouthguard

“Stephen Curry owns a mouthpiece with a price tag of $75,000!”: When the Warriors star paid hefty fines for his iconic mouthguard

Nithin Joseph
|Sat May 07 2022

Stephen Curry is known for being calm under pressure. Yet, even he can lose his cool. Like when he throws his mouthguard at referees.

The Golden State Warrior got a gem of a player in the 2009 draft. Having played 13 seasons so far, Steph Curry has done it all. He is a three-time NBA Champion and two-time regular season MVP.

There can be no denying his greatness. In fact, he is looking to solidify his legacy with another ring this season. This, however, will be difficult, as he finds himself in a tough matchup against the Memphis Grizzlies.

The series is currently tied at one apiece. Nevertheless, things have been getting heated and tempers could flare ahead of a highly anticipated game three.

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All eyes will be on Stephen Curry, whose godly three-point shooting will be a necessity. Especially in what will be a tough series at the Chase Centre.

Stephen Curry has accumulated fines worth $75,000 for throwing his mouthpiece in anger

There is a reason why Steph Curry is known as the Baby-Faced Assassin. It’s simply because he is always calm and composed as he decimates his opponents on the court.

However, there are times when even he has lost his cool. In fact, Curry has been fined for throwing his mouthguard out of frustration on two separate occasions. The first during the 2016 NBA Finals, and the second during a regular-season game the following year against the aforementioned Memphis Grizzlies.

The fines of $25,000 and $50,000 respectively, mean that his mouthguard has essentially cost Steph a grand total of $75,000. A fact that was pointed out by The Richest YouTube channel in the video below.

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The Warriors’ chances of progressing to the 2022 Western Conference Finals are dependent on Steph Curry. Hopefully, he doesn’t throw his mouthguard at the fans or referees this time around.

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