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Stephen Curry uses $160 million fortune to make golf accessible for all kids

Advait Jajodia
|Thu Aug 11 2022

Stephen Curry might be one of the greatest basketball players of all time, yet he considers himself to be a ‘golf nerd’.

Apart from being an all-time great, Stephen Curry is one of the most influential athletes in the sporting world. Ever since the 6-foot-3 sharpshooter set foot on the NBA hardwood, he has managed to revolutionize how modern basketball is played.

Being the best marksman in the history of the sport, Steph has racked up one of the most-stacked resumes we’ve seen in the recent past. The Baby-Faced Assassin’s ridiculously long list of achievements includes 8 All-Star appearances, 8 All-NBA selections, 2 scoring titles, 1 steal title, 2 MVPs, 1 WCF MVP, 4 championships, and 1 Finals MVP.

Through his contracts, and by being the intelligent businessman he is SC30 has created a massive fortune for himself. And with this empire of his, Chef Curry has constantly given back to society.

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Recently, Steph used this $160 million empire of his to “provide equity, access, and opportunity” through his ‘Underrated’ golf program.

Through the “Underrated” golf program, Stephen Curry aims to give opportunities to many kids

In a recent interview with “Afrotech“, the GSW leader spoke about golf and how it is an expensive sport.

“I know that there are amazingly talented kids out there who get lost in the shuffle because it’s an expensive sport. There are so many barriers to play. From coaching equipment, travel, you know, registration fees, like everything you could think of.  We wanted to support and create a pipeline for underrepresented communities in the game and give them access.

The shifty guard further stated how he hoped to help numerous kids with this new “Underrated” golf program.

“We’re trying to provide equity, access, and opportunity through our ‘Underrated’ golf program. I started it because I understand how much the game has meant to me from not only a perspective of fun and joy but also because it’s introduced me to so many amazing people. I’ve gotten to travel and play some amazing courses.  There are a lot of leaders in our world that spend a lot of time out in the golf world. There’s a lot of cohesion there. So, it’s my hope that eventually, we can not only get some Black and brown kids on the PGA tours but also in the world of business and leadership.”

Hopefully, the newly-introduced “Underrated” golf program witnesses the same success as Steph’s basketball program.

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