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Stephen Curry’s $215 million contract’s ‘Lack of no-trade clause’ raises questions over Bradley Beal’s

Ashish Priyadarshi
|Thu Aug 11 2022

Stephen Curry is going to be a Golden State Warrior for life at the rate he’s found success with the team, but even he doesn’t have a no-trade clause. However, Wizards star Bradley Beal does.

Curry and Beal are both elite guards, and the Wizards star has shown to be an elite offensive talent in the league. However, he hasn’t found the success that Curry has.

Curry is a four time champion and one time Finals MVP, finally capturing the elusive award this year after running the Celtics out of the Finals. Curry’s play this year showed the Warriors’ dynasty is still alive, and that’s dangerous for the league

Beal has been with the Wizards since 2012, and he has yet to make a significant run with the team. However, time and time again, he’s stuck with the team even though fans have clamored for him to leave.

This year, he signed another massive extension and fans weren’t happy with the move at all. They claimed that Beal was only chasing money and didn’t have any interest in winning.

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Fans are shocked that Stephen Curry doesn’t have a no-trade clause but Bradley Beal does

What exactly is a no-trade clause? The clause is actually pretty straightforward. If a player signs a contract that includes this clause, the team cannot trade the player away without first obtaining his permission.

If permission is granted, the player can then waive his no trade clause and allow the trade to proceed. This sort of clause is very empowering for players as it gives them some control in their contract.

This way, the organization can’t ship the player off to any team they feel like as they would actually need that player’s permission first. Thus, players can dictate where they want to be trade.

This helps a player leverage their trading market in the event they want to leave the organization. Curry, a person who’s been loyal his entire life, and is in discussions for greatest point guard of all time doesn’t have this. He fully trusts his organization and knows he’s in good hands.

However, Beal, who’s accomplished a lot less, has one. Fans didn’t react to this news well either as if the Wizards do want to blow it up someday, they’ll have to break out of Beal’s massive contract first which could be hard to do considering how much money he’s making.

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