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“Stephen Curry, you know you can shoot, but Klay Thompson has a much prettier form than you!”: Warriors’ MVP talks when President Barack Obama clowned him at the White House in 2015

Raahib Singh

"Stephen Curry, you know you can shoot, but Klay Thompson has a much prettier form than you!": Warriors' MVP talks about the time when President Barack Obama clowned him at the White House in 2015

Warriors’ superstar Stephen Curry talked about the time when President Obama told him Klay Thompson has a prettier jump shot

As we all know, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson together form the best shooting backcourt in NBA History. Together, they’re called the Splash Brothers. The Splash Brothers have, in their 11 years together, won 3x NBA Championships, went to 5 straight NBA Finals, and changed the way the game is played for good.

Recently, Stephen Curry was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. He made an appearance with his wife Ayesha Curry, to promote their game show ‘About Last Night’. There, they discussed Steph and Ayesha’s first impressions of each other, the show, and a lot more.

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Jimmy congratulated Stephen on becoming NBA’s all-time leader in 3-pointers made. After a second thought, Fallon brought up an old incident regarding President Barack Obama, Steph, and Klay Thompson which made Steph laugh.

“Klay has a prettier shot, but I’m the better shooter!”: Stephen Curry

Back in 2015, the Warriors visited the White House after their championship. President Barack Obama joked and said, ‘Klay Thompson’s jump shot is a little prettier.’

Curry talked about the same on GQ’s Actually Me last month. Back then, he said,

“That is an actual fact he said that, and I would also argue that he’s right,” Curry said. “I would definitely classify Klay’s jumper as prettier. There are a lot of different ways to get it done, and if you look at the greatest shooters in history, everybody shoots differently. So you have to master your own form and your own shot.”

Recently, on the Jimmy Fallon Show, Steph talked about the same. He then added,

“Klay has textbook form, but I believe I am the better shooter!”

Well, as a Warriors fan, I can’t really step in and pick between two of my favorites. However, one thing’s for sure. Neither one would be as good a shooter without the other one pushing them to get better. Steph and Klay work best when they’re together, and that’s also how they kept getting better at shooting too.

Now that they’re back together, it’s time for them to combine their strengths and make their way back to the biggest stage.

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Raahib Singh

Raahib Singh


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