“Steve Kerr, you can’t make a shot when you dribble!”: When Samuel L. Jackson challenged Warriors head coach to try Stephen Curry-like shots during his Bulls days

Hemanth Amar

Samuel L. Jackson admits to heckling former Chicago Bulls point player Steve Kerr on the floor during an NBA game.

Athletes have always admired actors in the same way that actors have always admired athletes.

Of course, while many sports stars can gain acting experience and try their hand at it, most actors must settle for courtside seats.

Samuel L Jackson is an avid basketball enthusiast who cheers on the Toronto Raptors of the NBA. The actor has also been seen at a handful of Raptors games.

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You may recognize Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury from the Avengers films, or you may recall him from Coach Carter. He also played golf with Michael Jordan and is good friends with the former Bulls star.

Earvin “Magic” Johnson and his wife Cookie are good friends with Samuel L Jackson, and they have welcomed him to spend time on their luxury yacht.

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Samuel L Jackson recalls the time he was watching the Chicago Bulls and trash-talked Steve Kerr

Michael Jordan was the basketball extravaganza of the 1990s, and the Chicago Bulls were on a roll. In eight years, the Bulls won six titles.

Many celebrities came to watch Jordan and the Bulls and were awestruck by the former North Carolina great.

Jackson spoke on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and addressed his friendship with Magic Johnson, attending NBA games, and even trash-talking Steve Kerr.

The Toronto Raptors made their NBA debut in 1995, becoming the first Canadian franchise to do so, along with the Vancouver Grizzlies.

Samuel L Jackson admitted to being in the courtside seats and talking to players during games. In the 1995 season, when the Chicago Bulls took on the Toronto Raptors, Jackson was present at courtside. Jackson was filming The Long Kiss Goodnight, which was released later in 1996.

He recalls telling the Raptors players defending Steve Kerr that the Bulls point guard couldn’t shoot off the dribble. Kerr would respond back and Jackson confesses to heckling the current Golden State Warriors head coach.

Samuel L. Jackson would have liked messing with players courtside during games, which has become a league staple.

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