“Stop Eating… Don’t Go to Krispy Kreme!”: Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith Mock 252lbs Charles Barkley on Inside the NBA

Raahib Singh
|Published 21/10/2022

Charles Barkley tried to share something Gregg Popovich told him but kept getting interrupted by Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith

The NBA action is back, and with it, Inside the NBA has also returned! TNT was busy this offseason as they locked down Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, and Ernie Johnson on long-term deals.

We saw the gang on opening night, as they were again at Chase Center. After what happened during the Warriors-Mavericks Conference Finals, one would think that the gang, especially Chuck, wouldn’t be there anytime soon. This time, however, things were much more civil.

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The TNT crew is covering the doubleheader tonight, as they first covered the Sixers-Bucks game and then the Lakers-Clippers game. We’ve always seen the crew mocking each other and having fun on the sets. Tonight was no different as Barkley became the butt of the jokes tonight.

Shaq and Kenny make fun of Charles Barkley

The sets of Inside the NBA have always been lively, with the crew always making jokes and playing pranks on each other. Tonight, Charles Barkley was trying to narrate something Gregg Popovich had told him. However, Kenny Smith and Shaquille O’Neal had different plans.

Chuck tried telling them what Pop said when Kenny interrupted and said, “stop eating?” Shaq piled on and said, “Don’t go to Krispy Kreme!”

Charles’ weight has always been one of the key topics of jokes on the show. Shaq has always managed to bring it up in conversations. Even though Shaq weighs more, at 325 lbs as compared to Chuck’s 252 lbs, his frame is much bigger as well.

In this case, Chuck didn’t look like he appreciated the joke and would be looking to get back either later tonight or in the upcoming broadcasts. Kenny might have waited for tonight’s remark to land for a long time. Ever since Chuck made the Hakeem joke, Kenny has been waiting for the same.

While the gang is always looking to pull each other’s leg, one thing is guaranteed: our entertainment.

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