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“This ‘Unforgivable’ meme literally had me crying, man!”: LeBron James instantly recognizes the origins of a hilarious meme about NFL stars Lamar Jackson and Latavius Murray

Tonoy Sengupta

"This 'Unforgivable' meme literally had me crying, man!": LeBron James instantly recognizes the origins of a hilarious meme about NFL stars Lamar Jackson and Latavius Murray

Lakers superstar LeBron James reacts to Twitter sharing memes about Lamar Jackson and Latavius Murray team-up


LeBron James seems to be a little bit hot and cold with Twitter. Sometimes, he doesn’t tweet out something for months on end. And then sometimes, fans will get a tweet from him every day of the week.

Whenever he does tweet though, we won’t lie, it’s either really serious or just really funny. And his most recent Twitter activity leans towards the latter side.

Recently, in the world of the NFL, Latavius Murray is close to reaching a deal with Lamar Jackson’s Baltimore Ravens. And, given the personality of both players, it seems fans have gone absolutely ham on Twitter.

The King evidently follows the NFL as well. And so, when he saw a meme on the situation, which was also a call-back of sorts, it seems he had to react to it. And we must say, we don’t really blame him.

Let’s get into it.

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“Can I stay the night tonight, and 2 weeks straight?”: LeBron James recognizes the origin of the hilarious meme on Twitter

For those that weren’t children 15 years ago, the mini YouTube series ‘Unforgivable’, made by ‘Hodge Stansson’ could bring up some hilarious memories. And it seems LeBron James is one of those people this applies to as well.

When he saw the meme on Latavius Murray and Lamar Jackson, he instantly recognized where it was from. And well, here was his reaction to it.

As a 20-year-old who just watched the videos in question, I must say, they were pretty funny. And frankly, it’s pretty understandable why they may have gained legendary status on the internet back then.

Overall, it’s pretty neat to see memes from 2006 pop up from time to time even in 2021.

Guess it’s a revision of sorts for everyone, even the great LeBron James, in the study of meme history.

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