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“Stephen Curry is unfazed by his father’s fight with Sonya Curry!”: Warriors superstar subtly squashes rumors about himself and Dell Curry with a shocking post on Twitter

Tonoy Sengupta

"Stephen Curry is unfazed by his father's fight with Sonya Curry!": Warriors superstar subtly squashes rumors about himself and Dell Curry with a shocking post on Twitter

Stephen Curry, Dell Curry, and Seth Curry seen golfing together despite rumors that the family was being ripped apart


If you had asked any fan in the NBA community ‘which family is the most wholesome?’ they’d probably say ‘isn’t the answer obvious?!’. It would quite clearly have been Stephen Curry and his family.

However, there has been some news regarding this group during these past few months. And let’s just say, it isn’t good.

Early last month, it was revealed that Dell and Sonya Curry had decided to split. Sure, the news was heartbreaking. However, because there were no further details revealed, many hoped it would be a clean split.

Enter the cheating allegations.

As things stand today, both parties have accused the other of having extra-marital affairs, which has resulted in a messy situation.

Among all the fiasco, rumors spread that Stephen Curry and Seth Curry had both drifted apart from their father due to the allegations. However, it seems those rumors are being subtly debunked by the Warriors superstar himself.

How, you ask? Well, let’s get into it.

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Stephen Curry shares pictures of him and his family golfing on Twitter

Anybody that knows Stephen Curry, knows that he loves golfing. And that isn’t an interest he shares alone in the Curry family.

Still, given the current situation, he is stuck in the middle of, no one really expected the star to engage in any extra-curricular activities, since he may have needed time to deal with things. However, his recent tweet tells us a different story completely. Check it out below.

Until now, we’ve only heard reports and rumors stating that the family was falling apart. About how all the children wanted to distance themselves from Dell Curry. But, it’s encouraging to see that things may not be that bad after all. And it is a testament to the strength of the family to be able to be smiling and golfing together despite all this turmoil.

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