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“Totally agree Tyreek Hill, why not chase Michael Jordan for 7 rings?”: Tom Brady and the Chiefs indulged in Super Bowl trash-talk before the Bucs QB backed it up last year

Samir Mehdi

“Totally agree Tyreek Hill, why not chase Michael Jordan for 7 rings?”: Tom Brady and the Chiefs indulged in Super Bowl trash-talk before the Bucs QB backed it up last year

Tom Brady and the Kansas City Chiefs trash-talked one another about chasing Michael Jordan prior to last year’s Super Bowl. 

Michael Jordan has become the gold standard for winning following his illustrious career in the NBA. His name has become synonymous with winning, with people calling a savant in their field the ‘Michael Jordan of so and so’. 

Claiming 6 championships in 6 tries over the span of 8 seasons is beyond legendary for any athlete to ever accomplish in their respective sports and the Bulls legend did it against the best of the best.

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Tom Brady, in the latter half of his career creeped into this conversation as well. After having a drought of championships from 2005 to 2014, Brady claimed titles in 2015, ‘17, ‘19, and ‘21.  

That last title in 2021 came as a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a team he spent two seasons with before retiring from the NFL for good. It’s safe to say that Brady as a Buc was a bit more vocal with his trash-talk than when he was a New England Patriot. 

Tom Brady and the Chiefs brought up Michael Jordan while talking trash to one another. 

Kansas City’s defensive lineman, Chris Jones, made it clear following their Super Bowl victory in 2020 that the Chiefs weren’t done. He was clearly alluding to them being on the precipice of a Jordan-esque run, winning at least 5 or 6 more rings.

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Tyreek Hill talked about ‘chasing Michael Jordan’, saying, “Well, I’m not gonna say he’s telling a fib, But Chris Jones, he’s definitely a man of his word and we’re definitely creating something special here in KC, so I don’t see why not. Why say five? Why not go seven rings? Right now we’re just chasing Jordan so that’s what we do.” 

Tom Brady replied to Tyreek on Twitter and hilariously switched the narrative to say that he’ll claim his 7th ring. Which he did. The very next season. Against the Chiefs themselves. So not only did Brady chase down Michael Jordan, he one-upped him by claiming one more ring than him with 7 to Jordan’s 6. 

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Samir Mehdi

Samir Mehdi


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