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Using Steve Kerr’s Assumption of Anthony Edwards ‘Bulls**ting’ During His Warriors Workout, Kevin Garnett Places Wolves Superstar in MVP Talks

Hitesh Nigam

Using Steve Kerr's Assumption Of Anthony Edwards 'Bulls**ting' During His Warriors Workout, Kevin Garnett Places Wolves Superstar In MVP Talks

The No. 1 overall pick of the 2020 draft, Anthony Edwards, has become the most important piece in the Minnesota Timberwolves’ offense lately. The youngster has started the season on a high averaging 25.8 points in 13 games thus far, and is en route to becoming an “early MVP” candidate. Even analysts and other athletes are in awe of the skills of the Timberwolves guard, including Kevin Garnett, who recently broke down his feelings about how Ant is becoming too good too early.

According to the former Boston Celtics forward, Ant-Man has a chip on his shoulder. Before the 2020 draft, Edwards was doing workout sessions with the Golden State Warriors. However, head coach Steve Kerr was not impressed by the youngster’s input. The Bay franchise had the second draft pick that season. But Kerr had allegedly claimed that they wouldn’t pick the guard even if they had the first pick.

“He’s [Kerr] like, ‘Man, you’ve got to see Steph [Curry], KD and Klay [Thompson] work out,” Edwards had said on the matter. “They still was continuously telling me, ‘You didn’t work hard enough. If we had the No. 1 pick, we wouldn’t take you.’ And I was just like, ‘Damn, that’s crazy.’”

According to Garnett, Ant took “his [Kerr’s] statement personally”. KG further added, “Steve Kerr thought he [Edwards] was bullshi**ing in the workout’…That stayed in bro head. He ain’t forget that. Man he giving extra smoke to Golden State.”

Surely, that was a bold statement from the Team USA head coach. But Garnett believes that that has pushed Ant to become his early MVP pick this season, especially with Minnesota sitting at the top of the West with a record of 10-3.

Interestingly, Edwards was the top scorer in the FIBA World Cup earlier this season but even then HC Kerr was not sure of his abilities. However, ultimately, he changed his stance on Ant-Man and his prospects to be a superstar in the game. But unlike Kerr, KG was always supportive of the guard.

KG predicted Anthony Edwards should lead the young Timberwolves this season

Earlier, on his podcast, KG claimed, “I loved what I saw out of Anthony Edwards.” He always believed in the youngster’s abilities to lead the Minnesota side to a championship this season. He stated, “He on his way. He playing with that different energy, too. When we get into the season this year I’m looking for him to have a big year. Just off how he looked this summer.”

KG believed that Ant and Kat should lead the young Timberwolves squad, and it would turn out a great decision for the team. And his statements are turning out to be true, thus far. The team is the top seed in the Western Conference with a record of 10-3 to start the season. And Ant-Man has a lot to do with that with a stat line of 25.8-5.9-5.1.

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Hitesh Nigam


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